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T Shirt Mockup – The Complete Collection


When it comes to clothing, t-shirts are perhaps the most versatile piece of garment you can use for convenience and self-expression. You can easily store them, wear them in any season, and there are limitless styles you can try them on. Whether you’re a t-shirt designer, retailer, or seller, it’s no surprise that templates have gained immense importance for your design work. For example, a t-shirt mockup will help you create, tweak, and present your apparel professionally.

Here at GraphicXtreme, we have collected the best t-shirt mockup templates. Choose any from our collection to highlight your craft in a simple product image.

A Curated Collection of T-Shirt Mockup

On this page, you will see a large collection of t-shirt mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of t-shirt you are promoting.

Click the download mockup button to either download or go to the page where you can purchase the item.

Photorealistic T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 1

If you’re looking to sell t-shirts with good quality print, this photorealistic mockup is specially made for you. The lettering comes in gold color which works well with any shirt color. It also comes with a photorealistic image, to give your shirt that high-quality impression. The mockup comes in the image of two shirts side by side, with a wooden background to keep the focus on the apparel design. It’s a top-notch quality design. What more can you ask for?

White T-Shirt 

T Shirt Mockup 2

Everyone needs a good white t-shirt. This White T-Shirt Mockup is a simple yet classic design that one can never go without. We all need a white shirt, and putting a white shirt on sale will never go amiss. The mockup features a white shirt, with a brand name and a PSD mockup that you can add to showcase your apparel.

Front and Back T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 3

This mockup showcases a front and back design that your customers will surely love. The mockup features two black shirts, with a JUST RIDE print in front, made even more attractive by adding a motorcycle image. The lettering is in gold color. You can never go wrong with black and gold.

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Photo-Based T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 4

If you want something that’s clean but stunning, this Photo-Based T-Shirt Mockup is your best choice. This mockup allows you to change your shirt color separately from the sleeves, or you can keep them clean, white color for the full shirt. You can add a golden texture to your graphic to make your apparel design stand out. It’s simple but definitely eye-catching.

PSD T-shirt

T Shirt Mockup 5

This mockup features a black shirt with simple lettering. This mockup allows you to showcase your artwork or logo design in a photorealistic way. It comes in PSD format, making it easy to edit. The best part is this mockup comes for free. Whoever said nothing in life comes for free, needs to come across this simple but good quality t-shirt mockup.

Black T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 6

If you’re an aspiring artwork or logo designer, this photorealistic Black T-Shirt Mockup will help you showcase your awesome design. It features a man wearing a black shirt, with your design showcased front and center. The mockup is easy to edit, so you can add your customized design without stress. Black is poetic and this mockup will give your shirt designing skills justice.

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Heather T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 7

If you’re looking for a mockup that’s a total package, this one is what you should go for. It comes in a pack of mockup files to showcase your apparel design in the best possible way. It boasts an artboards feature, smart objects for artwork and for logo, reflection and shadow layers, and layered shadows, items, and background. It’s everything you want and more.

Folded T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 8

If you want to promote your t-shirt design in a way that it’s being sold in stores, this Folded T-Shirt Mockup is perfect for you. It showcases folded t-shirts and accessory images to boost the mockup. The shirt features a green banana logo design that is cute and quirky. If you want something that’s refreshing and unique, this t-shirt mockup is specially designed for you.

Vintage T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 9

For your customers that like something a little old (but not borrowed), this mockup is the perfect apparel to sell them. This mockup features a round-neck red t-shirt with a simple vintage design that your customers will adore. With its unique embedded displacement mapping technique, your design is wrapped around the fabric folds, bumps, and creases of the t-shirt mockup. It’s visually artistic and attractive.

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Flat Lay T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 10

This Flat Lay T-Shirt Mockup is as simple and as beautiful as it gets. It showcases a white t-shirt in a flat, lying position, with the front of the shirt being featured front and center, so you can promote your artwork or design the best possible way. The lettering is in dominant black color, with the added yellow highlights. It may be simple, but it is definitely a beautiful design.

Free T-Shirt Mockup

T Shirt Mockup 11

One would think a t-shirt mockup costing nothing would be its biggest giveaway, but this t-shirt is worth its praise not just for being a free mockup, but because it’s a simple yet attractive t-shirt. The mockup comes in a pink background that matches well with the t-shirt featured in a shade of pink. The lettering comes in white color so it’s visible and readable. This mockup is definitely a pretty one!

Urban T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 12

For your hip and cool audience, here’s our Urban T-Shirt Mockup. It showcases a man wearing a white shirt with a simple black print in front of the shirt. You have the option to add your own artwork or design to the shirt. It’s simple, it’s clean and it’s a t-shirt that will never go out of style.

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Women T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 13

Ladies love to shop, and what better way to indulge them than to create your own women’s t-shirt apparel? We present you this mockup. It features a lady’s round neck shirt, with the lettering or design in the vibrant and dainty color of pink that every lady will surely love. You can easily customize this mockup with your personal design. It’s chic and fabulous, which your lady customers will surely go for.

Hanging T-Shirt

T Shirt Mockup 14

If you want to promote your apparel that makes its way into your customer’s closet, this Hanging T-Shirt Mockup is definitely the mockup of choice. It showcases a round neck black shirt in a hanger, giving your customers that realistic vision of what the shirt would look like hanging from their closet. The design comes in a white color that perfectly complements the black shirt. Opposites attract as they say, and this can’t be truer when it comes to the colors white and black coming together to make one attractive apparel.

V-Neck T-Shirt

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This mockup features a white V-neck shirt with the shirt design front and center, and with a blackboard wall as a background. This mockup’s front shirt design is fully editable, so you can easily add your artwork or logo. It may be simple, but it’s one good looking shirt that your customers will surely love.

Red and Black T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love bold colors? Good shirts often come in bold colors after all. This Red and Black T-Shirt Mockup is a perfect choice for your customers that love a bold color shirt added on their closet. This mockup showcases a simple logo design, but you can easily add your own artwork or logo. It’s bold, and beautiful, a shirt one would want added on their collection.

Black and White T-Shirt

Like Yin and Yang, white and black goes perfectly together, just like this mockup. You can showcase your shirt artwork or logo design to the world in two classic colors. Why promote your design once if you can do it two times? Two times the charm on this classically beautiful Black and White T-Shirt Mockup.

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V-Neck Woman T-Shirt

This V-Neck Woman T-Shirt Mockup features a V-neck shirt for your women customers, in a pink background. No shirt says woman better than a V-neck shirt. This comes in a classic white color where one can never go wrong. It’s simple yet chic, a shirt every woman will no doubt love.

Round Neck T-Shirt 

This mockup features six different shirts, in six different colors that are sure to attract attention. The design comes in a round neck design that can complement both men and women. They also come in bright colors which are attractive and cool to the eyes. This Round Neck T-Shirt Mockup is one hip and cool mockup design.

Long Sleeves T-Shirt

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For your lovers of long sleeves type of customers, fret not as we got you covered! This Long Sleeves T-Shirt Mockup is a great way not just to tap into another market, but also a way to showcase your artwork or design in a different shirt type. This mockup features a man wearing a long sleeves t-shirt. What better way to promote your design than a photorealistic one?

Men’s T-Shirt

If you want a more realistic approach to promoting your artwork or logo shirt design, this mockup is the perfect way to do it. This features a man in sunglass wearing the shirt, in a relatable background. It gives the impression that the cool boy next door that everyone wants to hang with, is wearing your shirt design. Now, that’s definitely something!

PSD T-Shirt

This PSD T-Shirt Mockup is a very simple no muss, no fuss way to get your artwork or logo in a shirt. It features a white shirt folded in a plain white background. One would think this is pretty simple but matter of fact is, it’s a good way of showcasing one’s design since that is what’s highlighted in this mockup. It does away with overwhelming backgrounds as the main spotlight is on the artwork or logo design.

Plain White T-Shirt

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Everyone needs a plain white tee and this mockup gets that point across plain and simple. It showcases a white shirt on a hanger, with an invisible background as the main focus is on the shirt. You can easily add your own artwork or logo, and it’ll be presented in an organic and photorealistic way. It’s simple and it gets the message across loud and clear.

Black T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good, old black t-shirt? This Black T-Shirt Mockup is for your customers that believe black is a poetic color. That said, black is one color that is sure to blend well with other colors, so you can be assured that your artwork or logo design will not be compromised in any way. Black is beautiful, and this shirt is proof of that.

Kids T-Shirt 

If you’re thinking we’re all about the adults, hey, we make sure to include the kids too! After all, we all have that little kid inside every one of us. This mockup comes in a bright orange color that kids will surely love. Kids love a good visual so making sure that you showcase your artwork in a bold or bright color will be a sure hit.

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Top View T-Shirt

This Top View T-Shirt Mockup showcases a white shirt with pink lining on a plain black background. Pink, contrary to popular belief, is not just a feminine color, it works for all sexes. The contrast of the white body color of the shirt, plus the pink linin on the neck and arms, puts an attractive twist to what would otherwise be a plain white tee. You can choose whether to use a small or big artwork or logo. Either way, your design will surely look rockin’ in this unique shirt.

White Hanging T-Shirt 

This mockup showcases a uniquely-shaped white shirt in a bright background that makes it an absolute knockout. The t-shirt comes in a classic white color, placed on a hanger and nailed on the back of a door as its background. It’s genius really. It gives you the glimpse of what the shirt would look like hanging in your room.

Simple V-Neck T-Shirt

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This Simple V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup may has the word “simple” in it but it is its own brand of unique. The shirt comes in a mix of green and black colors. The contrast of the bright versus the black is surely pleasing to the eyes. It’s a V-neck design shirt and the background is plain to make sure the highlight of this mockup is the shirt. Whether you showcase a small or bid artwork or logo, that is up to you.

Fully Customizable T-Shirt

If you’re looking to promote your logo design or artwork in a shirt that’s fully customizable, this mockup is specially made for you. This mockup showcases a black shirt in a flat lay, along with jeans and shirt, giving you a glimpse of how your design would go with a whole outfit. You can’t paint a much better picture than showcasing how your artwork or logo design piece ties together one whole outfit.

Red T-Shirt with Tag

For your customers that like things to be plain and simple, this Red T-Shirt with Tag Mockup is the best mockup to use to showcase your design. This Red T-Shirt with Tag Mockup features a red shirt, with your artwork or logo design front and center. The tag is a nice added touch, giving that “fresh off the purchase” vibe for your t-shirt design.

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Family T-Shirt

The family that wears the same shirt together stays together. This mockup is a perfect way to tap into the family market, and get more sales for your customized artwork or logo design. And that is definitely a good thing. This mockup features a family of 3; mom, dad and a son all wearing the shirt paired with jeans. You can change the color of the shirt, and add your own design easily. Selling your shirt in the family market gets you 2 or 3 in 1 sales, so this mockup is truly a steal.

Round Neck T-shirt PSD

This Round Neck T-shirt PSD Mockup showcases your artwork or logo design in a t-shirt placed in a hanger with a plain gray background. The color of the body of the shirt is in white, while the sleeves are in gray. The contrasts between the two colors make the shirt even more appealing. You can choose to add your customized artwork or logo, whether small or big. This mockup may be simple, but it’s no doubt a knockout.

PSD V-neck T-shirt

This mockup showcases a shirt in bright colors being worn. This mockup stands out at first glance because of the attractive colors. It serves as an eye catching backdrop to showcase your artwork or logo design. This shirt is easy to customize. It’s bright, bold and beautiful.

Woman Wearing a Round Neck T-Shirt

This Woman Wearing a Round Neck T-Shirt Mockup gives your customers a real life view of what it would look like to wear your shirt design. The mockup showcases a woman wearing a white shirt with the artwork or logo design front and center, while standing in the middle of the kitchen, looking like it’s just any other day, but wearing your beautiful design at that.

T-shirt for Women

To entice your fashion lover lady customers, this mockup does the job right. It showcases an OOTD (outfit of the day); your t-shirt design, a pair of shoes and a piece of sneakers attractively laid out in a white wood plank background. With the white background plus the white shirt, it makes your artwork or logo design attractively stand out. This mockup tells your customers to wear your shirt but make it a fashion statement.

Acid Wash T-Shirt

For lovers of black, this Acid Wash T-Shirt Mockup is the perfect way to promote your artwork or logo design. It showcases a black shirt hanging on a hanger, and placed on a plain black background. With the background and the shirt blacked out, it really puts the spotlight on your artwork or design. You’re definitely making a bold statement with this bold mockup.

Grey T-Shirt with V-Neckline

If you want to promote your own shirt design, here’s the secret: give it a KISS (keep it simple). This mockup is a simple v-neckline shirt placed in a yellow background. Because the colors of the t-shirt and the background are solid and plain, your design is made to stand out. If you want a mockup that highlights your design or brand, this one best serves this purpose.

Branding T-Shirt

If you’re looking to hit two birds with one stone, or in this case, two target markets in one, go for this Branding T-Shirt Mockup. This mockup showcases both male and female models, wearing the t-shirts, giving your target customers a photo realistic view of how your t-shirt design will look like when worn, whether that customer is male or female. Double your chances of promoting your shirt design by choosing this mockup.

Free White T-Shirt

This mockup is so refreshing to the eyes that your customers will surely love it. It showcases your artwork or logo design in a white t-shirt placed in an ocean blue color background. Not only is this mockup too cool for school, it’s free too! What more can you ask for, right?!

Yellow T-Shirt for Women

Yellow gives off the sunny, positive vibes, and using this color on a shirt is definitely genius. This mockup features a woman wearing a long sleeved, yellow shirt. Your design is front and center, and will definitely stand out even more because of the attractive yellow color of the shirt. Let your design be bright and beautiful, choose this mockup.

T-Shirt Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of t-shirt mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit the download under any of the mockups to could get started!


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