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Fitted Hat Mockup – The Complete Collection


Your sense of fashion is a common form of self-expression. Wearing an accessory unique to us is one way to express our style and preference. For example, a fitted hat can be worn by you specifically. They may be snug in purpose, but you’ll find them comfortable to wear for casual occasions. Fitted hats can also carry logos, patterns, and embroidered patches with ease. Because of their versatility, they’re a favorite in the fashion and design industry. If you’re a designer, you may want to see your design realistically using a fitted hat mockup.

Here at GraphicXtreme, we have a selection of fitted hat mockup designs that will help you present your output in a simple product image.

A Curated Collection of Fitted Hat Mockup

On this page, you will see a large collection of Fitted Hat Mockup both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy to use Photoshop Mockups for any type of fitted hat you are promoting.

Click the download mockup button to either download or go to the page where you can purchase the item.

Fitted Snapback Hat

Fitted Snapback Hat Mockup

Vibrant and striking, this mockup template is perfect for fitted and snapback hat designs, as you can display your concept within a few clicks. The orange background color complements the orange hat, but you can customize the colors depending on your theme. Guaranteed incredible results for your presentations: you can use this mockup for your logo designs, school merch, sports team, or promotional headwears for a business.

Fitted Baseball Hat

Fitted Baseball Hat Mockup

One of the many items used for branding, merchandise, and promotions is a fitted baseball hat. If you’re looking forward to creating a photorealistic presentation for your design, this mockup best fits your needs. It features a 3D view of a baseball hat on a white background, making it look true to life. You can make all sorts of edits ranging from the color of the hat to the font and the background color.

Fitted Hat on a Solid Color Surface

Fitted Hat on a Solid Color Surface Mockup

Easily charm your potential customers with this fitted hat mockup template. It depicts a pink hat on a hot pink background, a mockup that’s easy to customize, and guarantees high-quality results, perfect for internal presentations, social media, and web promotions! You can easily add your designs through the online template editor, which you can save in a few clicks.

Fitted Hat with Customizable Background

Fitted Hat with Customizable Background Mockup

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Patterned designs have a rightful place in this mockup! With its customizable background, you can use anything that will work best with your hat design. Whether you are designing for an apparel business, a client, or fandom merchandise, this mockup offers a simple yet stylish way to show off your creativity.

Floating Fitted Hat

Personalizing or customizing a fitted hat for a brand, sports team, or school is made easy with mockup templates. For example, this mockup of a fitted hat floating in a customizable setting allows you to present your unique designs naturally. You can keep the background as it is, but we suggest changing it to a color that complements your piece, to make your output come to life.

Fitted Hat Featuring a Plain Color Backdrop

Don’t you find the logo of a dog in this mockup cute and appealing? You can also make your hat design look charming by using this mockup too! It is perfect for showing your logo design or artwork for branding projects, online stores, sports teams, including personal use. Just upload your design, change the hat and background color, and add a brief text on the side!

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Front View Fitted Hat

Display the beauty of your fitted hat design by using this mockup! This mockup shows the front view shot of a white fitted hat that will allow you to demonstrate your logo designs or artwork professionally. This mockup will save you time and money but still give you the desired results you need for your promotions or presentations.

Fitted Baseball Hat

Flaunt the front and back design of your fitted cap with this mockup. It is a photorealistic mockup that showcases a 3D representation of your design. You can change the color of the cap on both sides, just like how the yellowish-brown shade on the front of the hat complements the maroon backside. There’s plenty of room for customization, so let your creativity take over the process.

Fitted Hat – Front Back and Side View

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A mockup set presented in layered PSD format, the three different views of this template display the front, back, and side of your fitted cap design. The changeable colors and design enable designers to make their patterns, artwork, and logo come to life. Many mockups neglect the other sides of the cap, but this one presents everything you need to showcase your custom design.

Back View of a Sublimated Fitted Hat

This mockup template exhibits the necessary features you need to present your fitted hat’s back view in the best possible light. It is editable through the online template editor, enabling you to easily share the logos, labels, or artwork at the back of your fitted hat. Simple yet appealing, this mockup pack delivers an output that would attract potential clients to your design or brand.

Fitted Hat Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of fitted hat mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit the download under any of the mockups to could get started!


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