It’s essential to keep a polo shirt in your wardrobe as its classic style offers a perfect balance between a formal and casual look. Polo shirts can be used for any casual occasion, especially when paired with jeans. For this reason, a lot of companies and establishments use polo shirts as their uniforms for social gatherings and team-building activities. If you’re a designer who would like to present a design that features a company’s logo or ready to share your apparel for your clothing brand, a polo shirt mockup works best for you.

Here at GraphicXtreme, our collection of polo shirt mockup templates will accommodate your design professionally. Choose any from the mockups below!

A Curated Collection of Polo Shirt Mockup

On this page, you will see a large collection of polo shirt mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of polo shirt you are promoting.

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Fashionable Polo Shirt Mockup

Fashionable Polo Shirt Mockup

Keep it cool, casual and collected with this mockup. It showcases a light blue and white striped polo short, laid out in a plain light blue background, with a shirt tag and cup as accessories. This mockup is very attractive to the eyes, and will surely catch your customers’ attention.

Trendsetting Polo T-shirt

You’re seeing double in this Trendsetting Polo T-shirt Mockup. It showcases two polo shirts, in different colors, stacked together, on a gray and white background, with a pair of eyeglasses as added design. The colors used in this mockup complement each other, making for a very cool looking mockup that is not only attractive but also cool to the eyes.

Front and Back Woman Polo Shirt

Front and Back Woman Polo Shirt Mockup

This mockup features a female model wearing a pink polo shirt, paired with dark colored jeans, with the front and back showing. It’s a good way to showcase the silhouette of the shirt. The pink color is also very sexy and chic. This mockup is something that your female customers will surely like.

PSD Men Polo Shirt

For your male customers, this PSD Men Polo Shirt Mockup is definitely a must have. It features a male model wearing a red polo shirt, paired with dark jeans. The polo shirt is form fitting so your customers can show off their toned arms in this casual polo shirt. This mockup is also easy to edit so you can add your own logo or design.

Polo Shirts for Men Mockup

Polo Shirts for Men Mockup

This mockup is sporty and cool, the perfect combination to attract male customers. This mockup showcases a male model wearing a white polo shirt with a different colored lining on the neckline and sleeves. It’s also easy to customize and you can add your own logo or design.

Red Polo Shirt

Keep it bold with this red Polo Shirt Mockup. It showcases a red polo shirt on a light gray background. The red color truly stands out on its own, even without any logo or design. This mockup is also easy to customize so you can edit it easily, and personalize it to your own liking.

Striped Polo Shirt Mockup

Striped Polo Shirt Mockup

This mockup features a male model in a very comfortable pose, wearing a striped red and dark blue polo shirt. It’s a very casual and comfy looking polo shirt, making you think just how comfortable the model seems to be. You can take this mockup to another level by adding your own brand logo or design.

Folded Polo Shirt

If you want something that’s more stylish or artsy, give this Folded Polo Shirt Mockup a try. It showcases a polo shirt designed in different colors, folded neatly with a shirt tag to go along. The background is also artsy with the plain gray and the marble gray combo. You can add your own personal touch to this mockup.

Pink and Gray Polo Shirt Mockup

Pink and Gray Polo Shirt Mockup

Make it His and Hers with this mockup. The mockup showcases pink and gray polo shirts, side by side, on a marble white background. The polo shirts are laid out neatly and you can see the whole front clearly. You can also add your own design to customize it, and even choose different designs between the two polo shirts.

Photorealistic Polo Shirt

If you’re looking for a realistic mockup, look no further than this photorealistic mockup. It showcases a white polo shirt with red neckline, folded neatly, with a plain gray background. The polo shirt image is a very realistic, high resolution image, giving you a real view of what the shirt would look like in real life. It’s neat, it’s clean, and it’s something that will surely appeal to your clientele.

Men’s Polo Shirt Mockup

Men's Polo Shirt Mockup

This mockup gives off that bold, cool vibe. It showcases a male model wearing a striped tri-colored polo shirt in red, gray and black, paired with dark blue jeans. The bold color combination of the polo shirt plus the pose of the model, makes for one very eye catching mockup.

Polo Shirt with Hanger

For something that’s cool and refreshing, this mockup is perfect. It features an artistic polo shirt with light color combinations, powder blue being the star color. The shirt is laid down, accessorized with a wooden hanger. Overall, this is cool to the eyes, making you feel cool and relaxed just by looking at it.

Man Wearing Polo Shirt

Man Wearing Polo Shirt Mockup

Keep it scruffy with this mockup. It showcases a male model wearing a navy blue polo shirt with red neckline and sleeve lining. The model is sporting a scruffy beard which perfectly complements the polo shirt color. You’ll feel like a man indeed when looking at this mockup.

Male Model Wearing Polo Shirt

Keep it clean but still sexy with this Male Model Wearing Polo Shirt Mockup. It showcases a male model wearing a white polo shirt, paired with black jeans and a black belt, posing with his sexy arm muscles showing. The mockup gives a sultry vibe. The white polo shirt color and the white brick background is the perfect contract to the sexy pose.

Boys Polo Shirt

Keep the boys cool with this Boys Polo Shirt Mockup. It showcases a dark blue collared polo shirt for boys, adorned with navy design. The polo shirt is accesorized with a pair of gray colored top siders, and a pair of light blue shorts and belt. It’s the perfect OOTD for every cool little boy next door.

Animated Polo Shirt 

For your customers looking for something creative yet easy on the eyes, this mockup is perfect. This Animate Polo Shirt Mockup showcases a polo shirt with a color combination of white, green and yellow, making it a very attractive piece. It catches your attention but it isn’t too overwhelming because of the light color palette.

Woman Polo Shirt

Woman Polo Shirt Mockup

Vavavoom! This mockup is designed to make your female customers flaunt their sexy female form. This polo shirt comes in an aqua color, designed with patterned zigzag lines. There’s also buttons on the collar to add a bit of edge to this mockup. It’s the perfect 3D visual to showcase the female body.

Male Model Polo Shirt

Who said men should fear bright and bold colors? This mockup showcases a male model wearing a polo shirt in striking lavender color, with other colors in the abstract design of the shirt. It’s also form fitting to let your male customers show off their guns. It’s bold, it’s bright and it’s attractive.

Folded Polo Shirt

Folded Polo Shirt Mockup

This mockup features two polo shirts in different colors, laid out side by side. One is in plain white color, with a white blank tag. The other is in mustard yellow, adorned with the same colored tag. This mockup can be customized so you can add your logo or design. You can even personalize the shirt tags that come with the polo shirts.

Long Sleeve Men Polo Shirt

The best comes in threes, and this mockup is proof of that. This mockup showcases a male model wearing three different polo shirts that come in different colors and designs. All the polo shirts are paired with the same black pair of jeans, giving the full focus on the polo shirts. This mockup can be customized so you can personalize it to suit your brand.

Couple Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Couple Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Mockup

Let love shine through with this mockup. It features a couple wearing a long sleeved white polo shirt, looking very much happy and in love. The mockup is easy to edit, so you can customize it to add your own artwork or design. This is a mockup every couple out there will surely love.

Woman Wearing a White Polo Shirt

This Mockup of a Woman Wearing a White Polo Shirt features a female model wearing a white polo shirt, looking every bit of a natural beauty. This mockup is simple yet sophisticated, making it a beautiful piece that your customers will surely adore. It’s no muss, no fuss, but absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

Smiling Woman Wearing a Polo Shirt

This Mockup of a Smiling Woman Wearing a Polo Shirt showcases a female model wearing a white polo shirt paired with a black skirt, with an attractive neat background. Glancing at the mockup, you can’t help but appreciate the contagious smile of the model, plus the background that gives you the very neat and clean vibe. It’s exactly the aura you expect when you think of the color white – clean, neat and refreshing.

Men’s Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

This mockup showcases a yellow short sleeved polo shirt. The collar and lining of the shirt is in white color, while the main color is bright yellow. The short sleeves are adorned with wave-like pattern in black color. The polo shirt overall is very bright and artistic. It’s also customizable so you can add your personal touch to it.

Simple Blue Polo Shirt

Simple Polo Shirt Mockup

This mockup features a blue colored polo shirt on a hanger, with a pale gray plain background. This mockup is very simple but it gets the job done. It’s for all your customers that don’t need all the extra fuss, but want something that’s simple but good looking at the same time.


Get a little creative help with our complete collection of polo shirt mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit the download under any of the mockups to could get started!

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