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White T Shirt Mockup – The Complete Collection


We each have our clothing preferences, and white t-shirts are one of the clothes we regularly wear. Whether you’re going to work, out for a date, running an errand, or watching your favorite series at home, white tees are your go-to. You can mix and match them with other garments or even print a design to add your personal touch. If you’re planning to show off your design or start a t-shirt business, a white t-shirt mockup will save you a lot of money and time!

Here at GraphicXtreme, we’re happy to share our collection of super useful white t-shirt mockup templates that will help you present your personalized apparel easily.

A Curated Collection of White T-Shirt Mockup

On this page, you will see a large collection of white t-shirt mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of white t-shirt you are promoting.

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White Colored Men T-Shirt Mockup

White Colored Men T-Shirt Mockup

White is such a universal color, from paint to shirt color, it’s the perfect palette to play with. This mockup is the perfect choice to promote your custom designed white shirt, whether you’re in the t-shirt business, or simply an artist that want to showcase your design.

White Male T-Shirt 

White Male T-Shirt Mockup

Every cool guy needs his cool white shirt. This White Male T-Shirt Mockup features a muscled guy wearing a white shirt against a plain background. The gray-ish color of the background, plus the tanned skin of the shirt model, really puts a spotlight on the white shirt. Whether you want a big or small design, this mockup is truly something you can work with.

PSD White T-Shirt Mockup

PSD White T-Shirt Mockup

If you want something more artistic, go for this mockup. This mockup features a guy wearing a white shirt and dark colored jeans, against a graffiti wall art. It’s grungy with a side of rebel. Definitely a design that will intrigue your customers. Best of all, it comes in a PSD format, making it easy to customize.

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Folded White T-Shirt

Folded White T-Shirt Mockup

No mockup does the clean and crisp vibe better than this Folded White T-Shirt Mockup. This mockup showcases a white t-shirt folded neatly against a plain background. The shirt design is featured front and centered and with the white shirt as your canvass, you can easily make your own artwork or logo stand out.

White Women T-Shirt Mockup

White Women T-Shirt Mockup

Women love the white shirt. White can be a pretty dainty color, despite the misconception that it’s plain and boring. This mockup showcases a woman wearing a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans. The shirt design features leaves that are a blend of black and grey. You can choose to use this mockup including the design, or you can customize it with your very own.

Hanging White T-Shirt

Hanging White T-Shirt Mockup

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This Hanging White T-Shirt Mockup showcases a white shirt on a hanger, with a plain white background. The mockup is very clean and clear, putting the spotlight on the red design of the shirt. You can easily customize this mockup and add your own artwork and logo, and decided whether to make it big or small.

White Men T-Shirt Mockup

White Men T-Shirt Mockup

This mockup gives you a photorealistic visual of the white shirt being worn. The mockup features a man wearing the white shirt with the city (and cars) in the background view. It’s very realistic in the sense that your customers can imagine what the t-shirt would look like in real life. Whether you want to showcase your design, or sell your own custom-designed shirt, this is a good mockup to use.

Half Sleeve White T-Shirt

Half Sleeve White T-Shirt Mockup

There is beauty in simplicity, so goes the saying. This Half Sleeve White T-Shirt Mockup may be simple, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. It showcases a white shirt against a wooden background, giving that simple, country vibe to it. This mockup is made easy to customize, and you can easily add your own design.

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Mockup of Man Wearing White T-Shirt

Mockup of Man Wearing White T-Shirt

This mockup is very simple and straight forward. It features a man wearing a plain white shirt. There’s no design to this shirt, making it easy for you to add your own artwork or logo. There’s nothing better than an empty canvass to inspire ideas after all.

Realistic Folded White T-Shirt

Realistic Folded White T-Shirt Mockup

This realistic mockup showcases two white t-shirts folded and placed side by side against a plain background. Though the t-shirt design isn’t immediately visible, this mockup has the added feature of a t-shirt tag which you can also customize. For some people it’s all about the label, so making sure your label (t-shirt tag) looks good is definitely a plus.

White Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup

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This mockup is a 3+. It comes in long sleeves which a lot of people are into. It features a big design in front which you can use, or add your own design. It also includes a t-shirt tag which you can customize. With these three features, this shirt is definitely a steal.

Men Wearing White T-Shirt

This Mockup of Men Wearing White T-Shirt showcases a man wearing a white shirt with a plain white background. The design on the shirt is a big one, and in color black, giving the perfect contrast to make it stand out. This mockup is easy to use and customize. You can choose to use this design or add your own.

White Man T-Shirt Mockup

This is a very attractive mockup featuring a tattooed man wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and donning a jean jacket as an added accessory. It’s very enticing and invites you to take a good look at the shirt. Add to that the brick background which amps up the overall effect of the mockup.

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Kids White T-Shirt

One would think that a white shirt isn’t the best option for kids. They play around, and easily get their clothes dirty. That’s what being kids are after all. That said, a white colored shirt is actually a good choice for kids. It’s a refreshing color, and feels light and easy to move around in. This Kids White T-Shirt Mockup is the best option if you want to dip into the kids’ apparel market.

Hanging Plain White T-Shirt

This mockup showcases a plain white shirt in a plain white background. The shirt is on a hanger, giving it that floating effect because of the whiteness of the shirt and the background. It really gives a good focal point to the center of the shirt where you can easily add your artwork or logo.

White T-Shirt Mockup with Wooden Background

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Take OOTD (Outfit of the Day) to the next level using mockup. This showcases your white t-shirt in a very attractive layout, adorned with other accessories like a pair of sunglasses, shoes, jeans, phone and headphones. It’s like the perfect outfit which will surely attract the attention of your customers.

White Cotton T-Shirt

This White Cotton T-Shirt Mockup features a round neck plain white shirt, along with a pair of jeans and a simple green tied with a purple ribbon. The plain white shirt is sort of a blank canvass; you can easily customize it with your own design. Whether you’re a designer or a t-shirtpreneur, this mockup certainly fits you.

PSD White T-Shirt Mockup

Keep it simple with this mockup. The white t-shirt is placed against a light blue plain background, giving it that added pop to make your design stand out. This comes in a PSD format so you can easily add your own artwork or logo. It’s simple, and it’s beautiful.

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White T-Shirt With Tag

Everyone loves that “new shirt, new life” vibes. And there’s no better way to achieve that than by making sure your t-shirt comes with a tag to come with the shirt. This White T-shirt with Tag Mockup features a plain white t-shirt against a plain white background. There’s a tag in front of the shirt and you can customize it to add your own design. It’s simple and straightforward, and makes your shirt very marketable.

Simple Men White T-Shirt Mockup

White is a refreshing and relaxing color. Offer your customers the comfort they need with the help of this mockup. This mockup showcases a man sitting on a couch, pairing the white shirt with a pair of washed out jeans. The couch is placed against an open window with a view of skyscrapers. It’s the perfect layout to give that “done with work, time to relax” vibe.

Female Wearing White T-Shirt

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This mockup features a woman wearing the white shirt with a faded pair of jean shorts. A hat is added for aesthetic purposes. The woman is standing against a mirror. The layout is very OOTD like and should capture the attention of your female customers that love fashion. This mockup is keeping it simple but chic.

White T-Shirt for Parents and Toddler

Every parents wants a “mini-me” aka, a child that is so much like them. That’s why parent-child shirts are such a hit because just as much as the parent wants a mini-me, every child wants to be like his mommy or daddy too. This mockup is perfect for this. It showcases white shirts both for parent and child. This mockup is easy to customize so you can add your own design, and even create variations between the two shirts.

Girl Wearing White T-Shirt

This mockup of a Girl Wearing White T-Shirt is a very straightforward, in your face mockup. It showcases the white t-shirt front and center, so whether you go big or small on your design, it sure will be the center of attention. This mockup is simple and easy to use, and will get you selling your customized shirts in no time.

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Back View of White T-shirt Mockup

It’s rude to talk about someone behind his back, but who he said, you can’t look at it? This mockup is the mockup to go for if you want to showcase your own design at the back of the white shirt. The advantage of having your design at the back is it gives you more space to work with, so you can go as big as you like.

Standing Woman Wearing a White T-Shirt

If you want something that’s simple, this mockup will work wonders for you. It’s a simple mockup showcasing a woman standing behind a plain gray background, wearing the white shirt. The mockup leaves the design open so you can easily add your own artwork or logo.

White T-Shirt Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of white t-shirt mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit the download under any of the mockups to could get started!

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