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Black T Shirt Mockup – The Complete Collection


If you’re having a hard time deciding what to wear, a black t-shirt is your go-to clothing! The color itself is versatile and can be matched with almost anything, making them one of the essential garments in your wardrobe. When it comes to self-expression, black t-shirts are capable of expressing your interests or creating a statement. If you’re a designer or seller who wants to help customers envision what the t-shirt looks like, a black t-shirt mockup would be a great resource.

GraphicXtreme has a collection of black t-shirt mockup templates, which you can use for branding projects, fashion design, and social media advertising.

A Curated Collection of Black T-Shirt Mockup

On this page, you will see a large collection of black t-shirt mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of black t-shirt you are promoting.

Click the download mockup button to either download or go to the page where you can purchase the item.

Man Wearing Black T-Shirt

black t shirt mockup 1

Black is a sure thing, and this mockup is sure to impress your customers. This mockup showcases a man wearing a black t-shirt with your artwork or logo design featured front and center. With the bright yellow background and the plain black shirt, your design is sure to stand out. Your design is sure to impress when you choose this mockup.

PSD Mockup of Men’s Black T-Shirt

black t shirt mockup 2

Grab the attention of the cool dudes with the help of this mockup. It showcases a hunk male wearing a black shirt paired with a good, ‘ole pair of jeans. Having black as your shirt’s color makes your t-shirt design pop. This mockup is easy to customize and you can choose whether to make your design big or small.

Free Black T-Shirt 

black t shirt mockup 3

If you’re aiming for a t-shirt mockup that’s unisex, this Free Black T-Shirt Mockup is a good choice. It showcases a black shirt floating in a mix of gray and white background. This mockup may be simple but it gets the job done. Your design is featured front and center, so you don’t have to worry about your design not being visible.

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Round Neck Black T-Shirt Mockup

black t shirt mockup 4

Black is such a poetic color that it expresses a number of different emotions, making it a good shirt color to showcase your visually stunning designs. This mockup is an ordinary round neck shirt laid out in a white background with specks of black. This simple layout makes for a perfect background to add your artistic design. Whether you choose a simple or complex design, the choice is yours.

Hanging Black T-Shirt

black t shirt mockup 5

Turn Everyday Jane into a bold, beautiful woman with this Hanging Black T-Shirt Mockup. This mockup is for your female customers that want to wear something that’s comfortable and bold at the same time. Black exudes boldness so let your design shine in this black t-shirt. The mockup showcases the t-shirt in a hanger, against a white tiled background to give it a realistic feel.

V-Neck Black T-Shirt Mockup

black t shirt mockup 6

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Shine bright like a diamond, isn’t just a catchphrase for women; men can shine like diamonds too! This mockup showcases a man’s front and back view wearing a glittered black shirt. You can insert your own design and promote your brand. The v-neck style plus the glitter effect makes for one very stylish background for your artwork or logo design.

Front and Back Black T-Shirt

black t shirt mockup 7

Be completely transparent with your customers by showing them both the front and back view with this Front and Back Black T-Shirt Mockup. Your design is showcased in two black shirts placed in a wooden board, with sneakers, a pair of sunglasses and leaves to amp up the overall appearance of your design.

Hanging Black T-Shirt Mockup

black t shirt mockup 8

Go easy on your client’s eyes with this mockup. Your artwork or logo design is the main star, featured front and center, in a round neck black shirt, on a pink background. The pink color is very cool to the yes, and the black color of the shirt makes for somewhat of a spotlight to focus all the attention on your design. Go big or go small (the design of course), it’s all up to you.

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Black T-Shirt with Tag

black t shirt mockup 9

It’s the ultimate buyer’s dream to hold a new shirt, with its tag still on, in his very hands. Let your customers have that illusion with this Black T-Shirt with Tag Mockup. This mockup features a black shirt with tag. You can add your own personal design to promote your brand or sell your shirt. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a t-shirt entrepreneur, this mockup will serve you well.

Mockup of a Woman Wearing a Black T-Shirt

black t shirt mockup 10

Women are visual creatures hence the term “window shopping” was coined. Women like to get a preview of what they’re going to buy, before buying them. Give your female customers the visual they need with this mockup. This showcases a long-haired woman standing in a bright background, wearing a black t-shirt. You can easily customize this mockup to add your personal design.

Men Wearing a Round Neck Black T-Shirt

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Men like things simple and easy, and this Men Wearing a Round Neck Black T-Shirt Mockup is a testament to that. Do away with complex and distracting details by choosing this mockup showcasing a man wearing a round neck black shirt against a pale background. It’s no muss and no fuss, and your design is front and center, making sure to deliver the message that your design is what it’s all about.

Hanging Black T-Shirt Mockup in a Green Background

This mockup gives the impression of cool, positive vibes. It showcases a black t-shirt in a hanger, placed in a bright green background. The green color is so refreshing you can’t help but appreciate it. It’s the perfect backdrop for your black shirt, with your artwork or logo design to promote your brand.

Gildan Black T-Shirt

Whoever said that black is boring, hasn’t seen this cool mockup. This Gildan Black T-Shirt Mockup features a black shirt in the middle of a pair of white chucks and blue jeans, against a white background. It’s a cool OOTD photo, and definitely a great way to add your own design. Whether you’re a designer or an entrepreneur, this mockup certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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Simple Black T-Shirt

If you want to keep it simple to keep the focus on your awesome design, this mockup is the mockup of choice for you. The black shirt is placed in a hanger, with a plain white background. It may be simple but it gets the job done.

Boy Wearing a Black T-Shirt

This Mockup of a Boy Wearing a Black T-Shirt, as the mockup’s title says, features a boy (man) wearing a black t-shirt. It gives a very welcoming vibe, with the model’s warm smile, plus his pair of glasses that gives him a boy next door vibe. Add your own design and you can instantly promote this to buyers.

Man Wearing a Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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This mockup gets your design up close and personal. This showcases a close up shot of a male model wearing a long sleeved black shirt, with your design featured front and center. The model’s smile is a star, and so is your design.

Long Line Black T-Shirt

This Long Line Black T-Shirt Mockup is a simple mockup for a black t-shirt against a gray background. The mockup is made simple to make your customized artwork or logo the center of attention. This mockup is easy to edit, you can easily design your own shirt in no time.

Plain Black T-Shirt

If you want to promote your t-shirt design in a way that it shines from the rest, this mockup is a good choice. The mockup showcases a black-shirt against a bright yellow background. This mockup is easy to edit, so you can add your own artwork or logo, no sweat. Best part of all, this mockup is free.

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Black T-Shirt for Women

Black is sexy, and this Black T-Shirt for Women Mockup shows exactly that. The mockup features a woman wearing a black shirt with a pink background behind her. It shows the silhouette of a woman’s body, which definitely adds to the captivating factor. You can add your customized design and turn this one black mockup into a vavavoom shirt.

V-Neck Black T-Shirt on a Hanger

This mockup works for both men and women. The mockup showcases the black shirt in a hanger, with a brick wall in the background. The contract of the background and shirt gives it a rustic, classic feel to it. If you want to promote a classic black shirt, this mockup is a good choice.

Young Woman Wearing a Black T-Shirt

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Black can be quite a dramatic color and there’s no better market to promote your black shirt than with teenagers and young adults full of zest (and angst) in life. This Mockup of a Young Woman Wearing a Black T-Shirt showcases a young woman wearing a black shirt, tucked in a dark pair of jeans, with a good picturesque background. Simply add your own artwork or logo, and you have a dramatically awesome shirt.

Realistic Black T-Shirt 

Let your design stand out with this mockup. If you want to opt for a more realistic artwork to customize your black shirt, this mockup is the perfect choice. It showcases a man wearing a black shirt. The background is a light color to make the black shirt stand out.

Vintage Black T-Shirt

Want to design not just the front but the back of your shirt? This Vintage Black T-Shirt Mockup lets you do just that. This mockup showcases the black shirt’s front and back view side by side, so you can feature two different designs. It’s easy to customize so you can make your design as small or as big as you want. The shirt’s color is sort of a grainy-ish black, giving that vintage shirt vibes.

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Front Black T-Shirt

If you want a mockup that’s simple and straightforward, but still gets the job done, opt for this mockup. It showcases your black shirt against a wooden background to make your t-shirt design stand out. It’s simple, it’s classic and it never goes out of style; making it a perfect mockup.

Bella Canvas Black T-Shirt

This mockup is a simple and straightforward mockup. It showcases a black shirt against a plain white background, putting the spotlight on your artwork or logo, especially if you want to go for a big design on the front of your shirt. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s marketable.

Black T Shirt Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of black t-shirt mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit the download under any of the mockups to could get started!

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