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  • Commercial WordPress Plugins That Are Actually Worth Investing In

    Wondering why use commercial plugins when you can use free plugins? After all, WordPress is also available for free. Right? Let’s consider this, a majority of bloggers are using the power of WordPress to establish their online business. And as a matter of fact, no business can ever run without making an investment. Difference Between […]

  • 5 important WordPress plugins for ecommerce websites

    WordPress is a good choice to build ecommerce websites. There are many themes and plugins to use and the security is tighter in this content management system. By using the perfect materials, you can make your website look stunning. Some plugins are made especially for ecommerce websites.  Beside the big daddy which is WooCommerce there […]

  • Some must have plugins for your WordPress website

    Some must have plugins for your WordPress website

    What does plugins do? Plugins make your website more functional by adding new features. Assume that you have a website where you want to see how many visitors are coming and from which country they are coming. You can get this done by using Google analytics. To use Google analytics, you will need to add […]

  • How to auto-install install plugins in wordpress themes

    If you are a wordpress developer, and you use plugins in your developed themes, then you don’t want to give headaches to your buyers by having them to manually install plugins and activate them. This process can take up time, and it’s very annoying especially for rookie wordpress users. Luckily now there is an automated solution that […]