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5 important WordPress plugins for ecommerce websites


WordPress is a good choice to build ecommerce websites. There are many themes and plugins to use and the security is tighter in this content management system. By using the perfect materials, you can make your website look stunning. Some plugins are made especially for ecommerce websites.  Beside the big daddy which is WooCommerce there are still some other nice alternatives:

MarketPress (Free (with basic options) + Premium paid version available)


MarketPress can create a big ecommerce website. It will allow you to add as many products as you have to sell. This does not mean it will not work on creating ecommerce site with single product or service. You can also use this plugin to make an ecommerce website with single product or service. Sometimes we have a big network of online business. We have multiple categorized items and we like to keep multiple categories in multiple website. This plugin is definitely a must have one if you are creating a big ecommerce network.

Talking about big network of ecommerce website, you will have a big database due to adding many products. It is mandatory to keep database safe and clean to make a website load fast. MarketPress will keep your website’s database safe by adding custom post type. You can easily add new products with this plugin and there are many fields which will be very useful for almost all kinds of business.

Many of us like to add multiple images to one product. It is better to show a product from different angle of view so that customer can be satisfied by seeing it online. It is possible to add multiple images to one product by using this plugin. You can use API to add payment options. You can also add custom payment option by the powerful API offered with this plugin. Changing currency according to the IP address is also possible. In shopping cart, you can also add TAX and VAT option. MarketPress has also Ajax coding which improved cart adding option. Customers can add multiple products and after selecting al the products they can check cart and go to second step of purchasing products.

EShop (Free)


EShop is another awesome plugin for ecommerce site. This plugins’ main feature is additional functionality of accessing affiliate marketing tools. Users can create email templates and send email to specific customers or all customers from the database. This plugin is also for selling products in huge amount. You can easily integrate products with WordPress pages and posts. Adding products in pages and posts is easier when you use this plugin.

EShop can be used to sell both physical products and digital products. You can also sell services. As payment method, you can choose Paypal and other online payment gateways. You can also add additional payment methods. Making custom payment method is easier with this plugin. At the backend, you will have access to control stock. You can create complex statistics of sales and profits and then you can make that to simple statistics. Basic statistics are updated in real time so you can check anytime you want.

To uninstall this plugin, you will not need to go to plugin section or anywhere else. You can easily uninstall this plugin from this plugin’s default dashboard page. Some people think it is a good option and some other think that this feature is not good at all because it will allow employees to remove the plugin who are working to enlist product. As like MarketPress, you can add Tax and Vat option in cart. Vat and Tax can be changed manually and you can also set different amount of Vats in different products.

Selling digital products? You can upload downloadable contents directly from the plugin. You can download statistic data at any time you want. Send email to customers when they successfully buy an item. This feature is very important to impress customers. You can also send the cart detail to the customers by email. Allow customers to sign up on your ecommerce site with this plugin. All emails will be saved in a database which will be used later for monthly or weekly email sending and purchase confirmation email sending.

Jigoshop (Free)


Jigoshop is a great plugin, which supports multiple currencies and payment gateways. Extend your ecommerce business with jigoshop. Check your inventory right from the plugin. You can create sales statistics and add different values in Tax and vat. Sell all kinds of product using this plugin. You can add coupon code easily. Make sure that you are adding coupon code differently in different product types. Paypal is supported and other payment gateways. Users can search products using this plugin.

As like other ecommerce plugin, this one does not support many payment gateways. Only a few payment gateways are supported. If you are doing business using Paypal as your payment gateway then this plugin is a good choice. Set threshold for stock and get notification when your business is low in stock. You will get notification right on dashboard. Easily get detailed report and find out which products are going out of stock.

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Have you ever seen any plugin that can install another plugin to extend its power? Jigoshop can do that. There are many other features you can include by installing more widgets and plugins from jigoshop plugin. This is why this plugin is best free plugin for ecommerce websites.

Setup is easy! You can install and configure within few minutes. After installing, you can start using this plugin.



Do your business in peace. Make sure everything is fine with Shopp plugin. Add products, set up cart, set up payment gateways easily.  Make shopping easier and secured for customers. There is no way someone is going to like a plugin which increases complexity. Shopp will make everything easier to help business owner to control online business easily. You can easily export all products’ description and the reports.

Generate Microsoft Excel format report easily of available stock. This plugin will show you the last date when you exported report. Knowing the last date when you created report, you can find out when you will need to export report again.

Keep all the hackers far away from your online business. Security system of Shopp is deep. It keeps the entire database encrypted and accessible to only authorized people. It keeps bad people far away and makes online business and online shopping easier for the good people. Shopp’s security performance is verified by McAffe. This makes Shopp trusted to a lot of users.

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Fast browsing and fast searching can be obtained. Shopp has cache system for products which makes product searching faster. Anyone can easily search for products or browse products from single or multiple categories faster if the ecommerce site is built with Shopp.

You can try demo version of shop without buying it. You can completely use demo version of Shopp as long as you want. Shopp is Free to install and then you can check its functionality and even you can login to the admin panel. It takes a few minutes to install and configure Shopp. There is no need to create database from MySQL. Shopp will create required databases during installation.

It is important to get SSL certificate for your website. Without using SSL, it is quite risky no matter which plugin you use for ecommerce website. SSL will encrypt the connection and will make it impossible for hackers to hack into website.

Do you need emergency help? Your ecommerce website can go weird for a single mistake. You can get priority support from expert developers but you will need to buy priority support credit from the homepage of Shopp.



Cart66 has Free and paid versions. The lite version is free to use with some important and basic options. Free version has almost all features except few and you will not get support from their developers if you are using the free version. You can buy the premium version from

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As a payment gateway, you can let customers pay you using their credit cards. Make sure you have SSL installed on your website. Using credit card as payment is risky without having SSL. Cart66 let customers add multiple shipping addresses. You can manage all orders using cart66 easily. At the end of the day, check all the carts and process.

Add promotion to your products. You can also add Tax by state. Add different currencies for customers from different countries. This plugin checks real time conversation rate. Easily you can add products to pages and posts. If you want to add downloadable products, you can directly upload that using cart66.

Cart66 supports two types of payment gateways. You can use Paypal and/ or credit card.  Manually create checkouts form the backend. Over the phone or through email you can receive orders and create the checkout for your customers. When the checkout is ready, you can email it to the customers.


No matter which plugin you are using to make a perfect ecommerce website, you still need to install SSL certificate in your website to make all purchases secured.

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