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Commercial WordPress Plugins That Are Actually Worth Investing In


Wondering why use commercial plugins when you can use free plugins? After all, WordPress is also available for free. Right?

Let’s consider this, a majority of bloggers are using the power of WordPress to establish their online business. And as a matter of fact, no business can ever run without making an investment.

Difference Between Free and Commerical Plugins

Free plugins are obviously available for absolutely free of cost. No hidden cost, no registration fee, you can install them right away to your WP website. However, for commercial plugins, you definitely have to loosen up your pockets.

Free plugins certainly have zero installation charges, but you may have to burn a hole in your pocket in the long run. The reason? Simple. Free plugins are not updated frequently as their developers consider the job secondary. Moreover, oftentimes, the developer writes unclear code and take shortcuts to save the time.

Commercial themes, on the other hand, comes with inbuilt updates and support. These plugins often come with additional features and offers. Additionally, developers take the job seriously and write clean and clear code since they get paid to do the job.

But that does not mean no free plugin is worth your time and efforts. There are numerous free plugins available that are even better than paid ones. Also, you would find various premium plugins that are not worth your money.

Reasons to choose commercial plugins

Still not convinced? Find out more reasons!

  1. Quality Matters

Let’s picture it this way – A WordPress developer creates a free plugin to help the community of WP users. Since nobody is paying him/her for the efforts and time he/she puts in creating a plugin, he/she would rather not waste time in following all the programming standards. Consequently, you get a poorly written plugin. However, when the same developer gets paid for the same job, don’t you think he/she would go the extra mile?

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When people pay for getting the job done, the quality automatically goes up.

  1. Originality

Since premium plugins are designed by professionals, you can ask them to customize the settings according to your personal needs and requirements. However, in regards to free plugins, you usually need to hire a developer to make the required customizations.

  1. Around-the-clock support

Premium plugins come with 24/7 support and help. If, in case, you find any difficulty in setting up the plugin on your site, you can contact the customer support directly without wasting a minute.

  1. Compatibility with the Latest WordPress Version

WordPress is constantly evolving and a new version is being launched every now and then. With the steady launches of new versions, professional companies strive hard to keep their plugins as well as themes up-to-date where free plugin developers fail to do so.

List of Best Commercial WordPress Plugins

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  1. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is one of the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress website. The plugin helps you to build web pages simply by dragging and dropping. Visual Composer is a premium plugin that gives you full control over your website. Some of the outstanding features of this plugin include 40+ content elements, compatible with any WP theme, backend and frontend page builder, responsive layout, advanced grid layout, Yoast SEO Compatibility, full-width row, shortcode Mapper and much more. As you can see the list of features is endless. It is available in various packages starting at $34.

  1. TweetDis

In the era where social media marketing is picking some pace, there is a majority of plugins available that would help you bring traffic from various different social media networks. TweetDis is one such premium plugin that improves your Twitter posts. TweetDis adds interesting and attractive tweetable quote boxes to each tweet. Wondering what these tweetable quote boxes do? They automatically generate a tweet with a link directing to your content whenever one of these quote boxes is “clicked to tweet”. Amazing! isn’t it?

  1. VaultPress

VaultPress is a premium backup WordPress plugin that allows automated backups. VaultPress is by far one of the best backup plugins since it enables you to keep your website’s backups with daily as well as real-time syncing. Additional features include daily website scan for dangerous files and malware, download a backup, and monitor and fix any suspicious code and file.

  1. UberMenu

UberMenu is responsive mega menu WordPress plugin that makes creating menu a lot easier and convenient. It builds highly customized and attractive mega menu configurations. Additional features include automatic item generation, tabbed submenus, over 50 essential amazing icons, enhanced item setting user interface, custom contents and widgets and much more.

  1. Monarch social sharing plugin

Monarch is another social sharing plugin developed by Elegant Themes. The plugin allows you to add social sharing icons in 5 different locations including on videos/images, above and/or below content, automatic pop-up, floating sidebar, and automatic fly-in. Monarch comes with more than 35 social networks to choose from and allows you to set up social buttons in any widget area.

Books Worth Reading:
  1. Royal Slider

Royal Slider is a WordPress slider plugin that is a cross-browser jQuery content slider. The plugin comes with a responsive layout and a touch-based navigation. Additional features include WYSIWYG blocks editor, simple shortcode embed, smart lazy-loading, fluid layout, animated captions and much more.

  1. Foobar

You probably have seen a lot of notification bars on top of the website. These notification bars can be used to introduce latest offers on your side or make any other announcement. For whatever the reason you use it for, there’s no denying the fact that they are quite handy. Foobar is a WordPress plugin that helps you add such notification bars on different pages. This plugin comes with unlimited foobar layouts to choose from. Additional features include Twitter and RSS feed integration, top or bottom bars, rebrandable, conditional logic, and much more.

  1. PopUp Domination

Pop-up subscriber forms have gained a lot of popularity lately although there are many bloggers or webmasters who hate them but can’t deny the benefits it brings. PopUp Domination is one such plugin that helps you add beautiful and fully functional pop-up subscribe forms. This plugin comes with dozens of popup themes to choose from. Also, you can set what triggers the pop up in the settings panel of PopUp Domination. This plugin is available in different packages starting at $47 to run on a single site.

Wrapping up:

Commercial plugins have the power to take your website to a whole new level not that you can’t find useful and valuable free plugins. However, installing a commercial plugin gives you peace of mind.

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Author Bio:

Emma Watson is a professional Web Developer with a dynamic personality and skills. At present, she is working with Wordsuccor Ltd., experts in providing Custom WordPress Development to global clients. Writing is her passions and she enjoys being an active part of the online world. You can follow her on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.


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