October 13

iPhone 12 mockup


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iPhone 12 mockup is here with the release of the much anticipated Apple iPhone 12. iPhone 12 mockup represents the latest version of Apple’s smartphone. This brand new model offers multiple sizes for the consumer to choose from when it comes time to make their latest tech purchase. iPhone 12 has three display sizes that are 5.4”, 6.7”, and 6.1” (the 6.1 has a pro and standard version of the phone).  

iPhone 12 mockup is perfect for presenting social media information, an app that you’ve created, or showcasing your graphic design skills with phone wallpaper. iPhone mockups are a staple when it comes to PSD mockups. Add the latest version of the phone to your collection and go to mockups with the iPhone 12 mockup. You may be wondering why you need the newest version of the phone. Tech lovers know their phones. Don’t try to sneak an old phone mockup by them with a new design or mockup you’ve just made.

New iPhone 12 Design

When it comes to the iPhone 12 mockup design, you may not notice many changes to the overall look. One significant redesign is an aluminum frame that is similar to the iPhone 4 frame. That version of the iPhone had a flat look to the stainless steel frame making it very distinctive.  

The majority of the upgrades and changes take place to the iPhone 12’s performance and hardware. You can expect those components of the iPhone to be the latest and best when it comes to function and performance. Looking at the iPhone 12, you will be able to see one of those improved upgrades, the screen. iPhone 12 uses OLED Super Retina XDR display technology.

The back of the iPhone 12 holds tightly to the phone’s reputation to have the best camera on a smartphone. That’s because you wouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to a “phone”. At one time, we laughed at such a weird concept, but we’ve grown accustomed to always having a quality and reliable camera in our pocket or hand. Design-wise the 6.7 inch and 6.1 inch iPhones will be the higher-end or pro versions of this iPhone. Both of those sizes have the triple-lens cameras. The 5.4 inch and the non-pro version of the 6.1 inch will be dual-lens cameras.  Those phones will be more affordable in price.

Download the New iPhone Mockup Now

Download the iPhone 12 mockup today and start creating with the newest version of Apple’s smartphone.  Whether you are writing a blog post for your website or letting your creative juices flow by designing something unique for the tech world’s new hot topic for 2020, the iPhone 12 mockup is for you.

Pickup our other iPhone mockups we’ve designed and offer now.  Any of these mockups would be a great way to show the current timeline of the iPhone through the years.  iPhone mockups.

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