October 19

Smashing Magazine Like WordPress Theme


Lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are looking for a wordpress theme like the big daddy out there: Smashing Magazine. By browsing for other things, I accidentally found a wordpress theme that looks similar to Smashing Magazine. Note that similar does not mean exactly like it, rookie! The theme is also responsive, so it’s a very good start for you if you are looking to develop a tutorial, freebies, articles website. Here we go:

[column size=sixth position=first ][button color=green size=large url=”http://demo.designwall.com/dw-minion/” target=”blank”]Demo[/button][/column] [column size=sixth position=middle ][button color=orange size=large url=”http://www.designwall.com/wordpress/themes/dw-minion/” target=”blank”]Download[/button][/column]


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