October 18

500 ways to create backlinks and rank higher on search engines

Authority backlinks are extremely efficient in order to promote your business online. They are backing up your reputation, sustaining your SEO efforts and guarantee you awareness. And the icing on the cake is they can be obtained for free or with low costs, with minimum intervention, just by following the generous list of tips and ideas you will find below.

1. Build compressive lists of “101”s on your page or blog. The others will link to them as they are very useful and attractive.

2. Create “How to …. in 10 steps” articles. This kind of materials are easy to read, concise and packed with accessible information, so they attract readers like and magnet and, eventually, links, many links.

3. Make a top 10 list, including links. Those who are linked will appreciate it and possibly, they will link back to you.

4. Create all kind of rankings. They imply some research, but if they are well done they worth the effort.

5. Update your rankings and lists on a regularly basis, you don’t want to lose important links because your info is no longer valid.

6. Get a list with the most read blogs, sites and other publications. Make a strategy to inform them regularly on your activities and to consolidate your relationships with them.

7. Select specific topics and offer wide resources lists for them. You’ll get valuable links from niche blogs and pages in no time.

8. Do you love Myth Busters? So does everybody else! Use your platform to become one and write 10 myths lists for every category. This is a superb source of links and popularity as you’ll be feeding people’s curiosity and interests.

9. Find out about the Gurus related to your field and tell others about them by creating lists with the most wanted ones. This will make you being perceived as an authority in your field and will ease your relationship and link building with the major league guys.

Books Worth Reading:

10. Praise the industry’s big names in your articles, linking them, and you increase the chance to get linked back.

11. Do the same with companies related to you and your field and they won’t resist it and link back to you. They want their other customers to know how appreciated their services and products are.

12. Send them free samples of your products and, if your high quality will convince them, you’ll be rewarded with links and recognition. Wow!

13. Mention people in your articles, with name and link. People love to be mentioned and they react accordingly.

14. Make a list of the 10 or 20 most famous authorities in your field and let people vote which is the best of them.

Books Worth Reading:

15. You’ll get valuable links when you’ll publish the results, too.

16. If you feel pretty much secure about yourself, you can attack one of the Gurus and receive lots of attention. However, beware that this is no easy job!

17. See in which lists published by other sites you might fit in and ask the webmasters to check on your content. Maybe you’ll get a place there, too.

18. Get a good PR. He will know how to make you good friends among the related businesses and get you some permanent links. However, be aware you must be precise about your purposes and brief your consultant or agency accordingly. Public relations involve a wide series of actions and it’s up to you to strategize their efforts and orient them towards links building.

19. Contract PR wire services. You’ll get in contact with journalists willing to help you and you’ll build long term PR relationships.

Books Worth Reading:

20. Outsource link building. There are persons with wide experience and generous databases who can do this job for you. Try to put in balance your time and efforts with the expenses involved by getting extra help and see if it’s a good option for you. However, before starting ask for references and a clear planning to make sure you’re handing your project to the right person.

21. If you have a budget, you can hire a SEO agency and they will do the job faster and easier.

22. Be simple and concise. As much seductive it might be to write about abstract concepts and using an elitist vocabulary, remember people will link one of them. So, if you want to be linked, be simple and straight forward, look accessible.

23. Still, do not neglect spelling and grammar. This might bring losing a fair share of possible links, because, although it might not seem that important to you, there are many people who disqualify a text if they spot a few errors, no matter its great quality content. So, pay a little bit more attention to this aspect.

24. Look trustable! Nobody wants to link to an un-trustable blog or site, so make sure your “about us” and “privacy policy” are well written and easy to be spotted. This will help you look professional and linkable.

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25. Invest in relevant traffic by organizing pay per click campaigns. This will bring more people towards you and increase your chances to be linked.

26. Syndicate some articles on popular sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare. A good quality article will bring you tons of visitors and increase your linking odds.

27. Make a list of specific industry sites and submit articles to those. It will make you well known and it will ease linking with your pairs.

28. Write pro bono articles for local newspapers or magazines.

29. Use www.gebbieinc.com to find media contacts in your industry and grow fruitful relationships with them.

Books Worth Reading:

30. Make a list of contacts among relevant journalists and bloggers and send them regular press releases. However, mind the content and the period of time between press releases, you don’t want to become boring and harassing.

31. Write journalists and media contacts to let them know your expertize fields and inform them you’re available for interviews and any special projects may arise.

32. Until you put together your own personalized list of contacts for press releases, you can use popular services like PR Web and start building links nice and fast.

33. If you insert a link in your press release body text, you get some extra linking.

34. Send joint press releases when your actions involve other companies. That will increase the odds to be cited.

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35. Grow your personal relationship with the bloggers and email them regularly.

36. Sustain bloggers who might be interested in writing an article for a contest in your brands’ area. Offer tips & tricks and inside information.

37. Do the same with the journalists, they are good allies for your business growing and PR.

38. Find a few blogger who have problems in monetizing their blogs and propose them special projects in which to write about your products on a regular basis.

39. Submit your site to Google news and also ask your blogger friends to write about it.

Books Worth Reading:

40. Complete your press release with some reviews. It will give more authenticity to your statement and help journalists to write interesting stories on your business.

41. Most businesses focus on national or global press. But why forget about the local one? They come very handy and they can be very dedicated to your cause. Start building one-to-one relationship with them.

42. Track who is publishing your articles and press releases and reward them with exclusive news and contents.

43. Network with other webmasters and start trading articles with them.

44. Plan a schedule for a guest post exchange with your partners.

Books Worth Reading:

45. Launch online sweepstakes and place links on high specific sites.

46. Organize a “best website” contest and award a few categories of sites. Their owners will mention receiving the title and link back to you.

47. If you find some kind of error on other web masters’ sites, notice them and take advantage of this chance to ask for a link, too.

48. If you find some gaps in the information some sites communicate, help the webmasters to fill that out. Be polite and helpful and you might get a link.

49. If their information is out dated, help them with the updating process. They know how important it is to keep your information accurate and most probably you’ll be rewarded for your help.

Books Worth Reading:

50. Make a small market research among your friends whenever you have important news and content and check how useful this information will be among your readers.

51. Link to other companies in your news section or blog. They will link back to you.

52. Intelligent surveys can attract people’s interest towards you and add links to your site or blog.

53. Besides getting links when people participate at your survey, releasing results it’s another abundant source of links. You’ll get cited, especially is you offer nice visualization settings.

54. Get your site submitted to as many free directories as possible.

Books Worth Reading:

55. You can use beaucoup.com to find many vertical engines and directories to list on.

56. Ask vertical engine’s editors to include you.

57. Yahoo! directory must be top of your list.

58. If you don’t have the time to sing up with hundreds of free directories, at least select the most reputed ones and be there.

59. Select the best quality paid directories and submit your site to these as well. It will be a small investment which pays back.

Books Worth Reading:

60. You can also create your own directory, in your relevant area, and link it to important content of your site or blog.

61. Use Web 2.0 sites, which are similar to directories, but allow you to add images, video and other features.

62. Also you can use company dedicated directories, even if you only have a site. It’s a great linking opportunity.

63. Submit e-zines to e-zine directories.

64. You can tag related sites on specific sites like Del.icio.us. If readers are thrilled with your references they will eventually track you.

65. When you have some great quality content, ask your friends to tag it and make it visible to many other bloggers. This will help you network and increase your awareness.

66. Research the most popular ideas on meme trackers and write about them. This will give you a good chance to be listed as a source on the meme tracker site, especially if you write original content and add some links to your original resources.

67. Check if you can get a link from your local chamber of commerce.

68. Get listed on yellow pages.

69. If you’re in a local business, is essential to be present in the local listings websites, like Yelp.

70. If you have the time, make your own local business list. It is not necessary to make something similar to Yelp, but useful enough for customers and companies so to generate you many backlinks.

71. Make so that you get listed in ODP.

72. Become a member of Better Business Bureau.

73. There are cases in which they list in the description just the URL and not the link. If you notice that with your account, simply ask them to correct it.

74. Submit a link to the city or state relevant governmental resources.

75. Sending traffic towards them might be a good way to make them notice you.

76. Try to get a link on the local library’s web site.

77. Contact your local televisions and radios and tell them you are available for interviews and show guesting. Ask them for a link on their site in return.

78. Ask your collaborators if they are interested in placing your link on their sites.

79. Network with other business related to your field which are not your competitors and propose them to exchange links.

80. Insert links to non-competitive newsletters on your site.

81. Grow long-term partnership with companies in additional industries to the one you’re activating in. They need you as much as you need them, so it will not be a difficult task.

82. Find out which local firm might be helped by receiving your product for free. In exchange, ask them to write about it on their webpages and blogs.

83. Sustain other companies by writing about them and their products. In exchange ask them for a link towards your site.

84. Make blog reviews and you will most probably get backlinks.

85. Do some roundups of great blog post in your industry. Schedule such posts on a regular basis, monthly or even more frequently.

86. Participate to testing campaigns whenever you can. It will be fun and you’ll get a link.

87. Propose link exchange to all your business partners.

88. Include in your contracts with vendors, resellers and subcontractors a clause that asks them to guarantee you a number of valid links to your site.

89. Add a page where you invite interested partners to discuss link exchange.

90. Don’t be tempted to link exchange with anyone who proposes it. Try to identify first some common values and a certain quality standard. If not, refuse politely.

91. Monitor linking partners and notice them when a link to your site appears to be broken.

92. Get in touch with other sites that have broken links on your partners’ sites. Noticing them this error might be a good chance to receive back a link.

93. Identify hacked sites and offer their owners to fix them for a backlink.

94. Start a well strategized affiliate program. You’ll have to be aware that most of the links you’ll get will not count in your SEO process, but they are equally valuable as they can help you generate plenty of other links.

95. Make the affiliate links search engine friendly.

96. Obtain nofollowed affiliate links on some of the most visited sites.

97. There are also some affiliate schemes that are bringing you fantastic results. For example, Amazon affiliate links pass on their value to their sites. Further on, organizing a sale will bring extra links.

98. Submit to Craigslist, for free or a small amount.

99. Use Yahoo!Answers to ask or answer questions and back up with links to relevant content on your site.

100. If you have some extra time, try to do the same on Quora and other similar sites. Every question you answer means one more link.

101. Use Google Groups to answer questions and leave links toward your site.

102. Sign Yahoo Group and be active answering questions and participating to the discussions that arise.

103. Find forum threads and discussion boards related to your area of expertise where people look really confused. Bring them some pertinent answers and they’ll want to know more about you.

104. List your company on Wikipedia or on specific wiki topics. If you cannot do it directly, it’s a great idea to add links to some other sites that are linking towards you.

105. Update related wiki topics and get valuable backlinks to your site.

106. Use Squidoo to make a topical page. This will help you to look like an expert in your industry and facilitate you linking to your site.

107. Use Digg to submit a story that links to your site.

108. Recommend to your readers to Digg your best work, as well.

109. Ask your friends to tag your best articles on Digg.

110. Make your articles Digg-able by inserting the proper button in a visible and accessible place.

111. Using RSS feed will make possible sharing the RSS content by other people who appreciate it and possibly generate links.

112. Track feed subscriptions easily and encourage usage by setting up your feed on feedburner.

113. Submit to RSS directories, there are hundreds of them, for free like www.feedage.com.

114. Regularly post on forums that allow you to use a link in your signature.

115. Grow relationships with the others in your industry through blog comments and regular forum posts.

116. If you have an established authority, use it to review new upcoming brands on internet and get more popular.

117. Place reviews on Amazon.com. It will bring you direct clients visits and secondary links.

118. Also use Amazon.com to create top product list reviews and place a link toward your site.

119. Make reviews for relevant sites on Alexa and you’ll get more traffic from your target.

120. Submit your products to social shopping networks like ThisNext and Kaboodle.

121. Don’t forget about comparison shopping engines, they will bring many links.

122. You can place reviews on shopping search engines and get traffic and authority.

123. Prefer to review new products. These will be the most searched by consumers and you’ll be more likely to be found.

124. Join user group meet ups to get in touch with people who are using the same product and services as you do.

125. Offer user ratings wherever you can to place some more links.

126. Get in touch with product review sites and make friends with their webmasters.

127. Make efforts to get reviews form 7-pack sites and blogs.

128. Earn a place in specific search engines.

129. When finding a product you really love, don’t hesitate to place a sincere and realistic testimonial, it might bring you some new links.

130. Even better, write a few words about each and every product you acquire. Unless they are produced or sold by very important brands, you will receive many links in return.

131. Invite your readers to share their experience with other products from the same categories. This will multiply your results.

132. A great way to become visible is to comment on online newspapers. Try to have an original point of view and make readers want to trail you back.

133. If you don’t have a blog, you should start one right away. Be active and interesting and it will pay off all of you efforts.

134. Also trade blogroll links with the blogs you like.

135. Every blog owner should be present on MyBlogLog which offers incredible socializing opportunities with other bloggers.

136. Invite your blogger fellows on MyBlogLog and start your own community.

137. Check if your blog is set to ping.

138. Post on your blog by using proprietary data.

139. Insert links between your own posts.

140. Don’t forget to add social media sharing tools on your blog. Social signals are important in all ranking algorithms.

141. Organize an event for your readers to meet your readers. Transferring your relationship offline, will make your online one even stronger.

142. Create and post images and tools people can share on social media.

143. Always have a camera with you and take pictures you share on your blog. Other users will find them and it’s likely to want to post them and cite you as a photo source.

144. If you have a big budget, you can even build your own social authority tool, as measuring social influence is one of the trendiest topics these days and may result in many backlinks.

145. Use it to answer questions in the industry who haven’t received proper answers.

146. Also make some FAQ posts and cover the topics where you can sense your readers’ curiosity.

147. Timestamp your posts, in order to publish them at the most convenient hours (and weekdays).

148. Make visible related posts on your new entries. Let your readers find out more about you and your work.

149. Cover special events and national days. You’ll take advantage of Google positioning in fresher results.

150. An infographic with the updated statistic of Superbowl can perform wonders. Be creative and be on top of the trendiest events.

151. Search for exclusive information, from paid sources or difficult to obtain. This will transform you into the number one source of information for others.

152. If you hear discussions about a new, arising, topic no one has covered until now, this is your chance. Cover it as soon as possible.

153. Make sure you are updated with major news sites’ feeds like Google, Yahoo and Bing blogs. You don’t know if you don’t read.

154. Try to be an early adopter and a trend setter. People will follow you like a role model.

155. Dare to hire even a private investigator to find out very hot news.

156. Go out in the field like a real reporter. The old fashioned way of collecting news is still valid and may bring you many links from those who’ll cite you.

157. Share your stories with the news sites. Even the biggest players are interested on hot topics and they can bring huge exposure.

158. Don’t be afraid to contact sources other people are intimidated by. It won’t be that difficult and you get great, sharable stories.

159. Don’t be shy on posting controversial topics. People love to argue on the internet and these posts may attire many visitors and links.

160. Whenever you sense a new controversy, write about it as soon as possible. If you get people approving you, it’s a great opportunity to obtain new links.

161. A good technique to receive more attention is to post a controversial post and turn off comments. Then ask a fellow blogger to open a discussion on his blog on this topic and link to you. Offer him a link in exchange, at the end of your post.

162. If you feel you are not receiving enough attention, email bloggers some hot news to make them more aware of what you have.

163. Link your blog to other relevant blogs.

164. Find some blogs that allow trackback links, as they are a great opportunity to build links quickly.

165. Whenever something big is happening in your field, live blog on it. To get more links, make sure you announce your readers you’ll do this with a few days before the actual event takes place.

166. Add TYNT.com to your posts and backlinks will be automatically appended to the sections of your site.

167. Encourage your readers to share content they love.

168. Check out for interactive content and see what it can do for you. There are a few great examples out there.

169. Use humor, make parodies, create industry jokes list. People are in search of some relaxation, as well.

170. Write in an involving and interactive manner, to generate reaction and comment, and not in a self-centered way.

171. Make a list of interesting blogs and comment on those regularly, offering good quality information, so to attract readers toward you.

172. Try to establish a small community with fellow bloggers who are regularly visiting your site. Comment on their blogs and encourage them to comment on yours.

173. When commenting a blog, use keywords in you name in an original manner.

174. Make valuable comments that will make the readers want for more and get to your site or blog.

175. Twit your blog. Sometimes these links are indexed.

176. Tag you relevant posts on Technocrati pages as these rank well in Yahoo! and MSN.

177. Become a member of the best blogs carnivals, so to get awareness and networking within the blogosphere.

178. Make a database with all the blog directories that matter and subscribe your blog.

179. Subscribe to all kind of sites you can. Membership means a new link.

180. Build some functionality on your web site by using AJAX. These attract lots of links.

181. Make your site look more trustable and secure by validating it according some authoritative directories and complying with security standards.

182. Improve your customers’ security. There are banks offering a free special device which adds more security to their transactions. This action has the potential of attracting both the customer’s appreciation and the media coverage.

183. Redesign your site! A nice CSS design might bring you links, as from CSS Vault.

184. Select relevant partners to make link exchange. Be result oriented and don’t get tempted by link trading networks.

185. Pay extra attention to demographics and audience sets whenever you’re swapping links. You are searching for potential customers, not only IPs.

186. Add secondary links to sites that are linking you. Sometimes, it means increased value and authority for the first tier links, the ones that are pointing at you.

187. It’s time to find out more about high quality links brokers. Spend wisely some money and invest in renting a few links.

188. You can skip brokers and buy links directly from Websites. Some of the most powerful are being purchased directly.

189. Charity must not be forgotten in business for its upper purposes and it can bring you some links, even better. List some auctions on ebay.com for your products and donate the profits to charity. Some NGOs will gladly place links both to your auctions as to your site.

190. When you list products on ebay, insert links to the products description on your site. However, keep an eye on ebay’s link policy and don’t overuse this possibility.

191. Offer randomly some free products to those who need it. Then write about it on your blog, it will make a nice story to share and inspire others.

192. Permit free download for some document on your site and ask readers to share the link if they find is useful.

193. Make a charity sale and donate all or part of the incomes to a certain cause. People love sales and combining it with the sense of doing something right makes it even more powerful.

194. Chose a cause related to your target’s interests and dedicate it a percentage of your sales. It will improve your image and attract more comments and links.

195. Host a petition on your site and promote it.

196. If, for some technical reason, you cannot host it on your site, it is advisable not to give up on your idea and start the petition on a specialized site like change.com. You will not get the same amount of links, but you’ll still receive some.

197. When choosing organizations to sponsor, check and select those who are mentioning their sponsors on their sites.

198. Find out about charity auctions and participate as often as you can. Just the listing into one brings a link. Media coverage will bring many more others.

199. If suitable, make donations to a local hospital. If the action is important enough they will certainly mention it in their news section and even write a press release about your gesture.

200. Sponsor a community initiative you believe in. Small community tend to interact and communicate more, and your effort will get visible.

201. Encourage your personnel to involve in charity actions by doubling any sum they raise. They will get more active in this area and will draw local’s media attention.

202. Give back to the local community. Offer some funds to a needy school, clean a street, whatever it takes to make a difference and to impress the local press. They will write about it.

203. Allocate a part of your budget to sponsorship. Besides sustaining the causes you believe in, you will not be forgotten and your link will be added to those who are helped by your efforts.

204. Think about what you don’t agree with in your own industry and start a cause you want to fight for. You’ll be joined by many others, get links and will be seen as an opinion leader.

205. Make it easy for another company to offer its product for free by simply paying for them. It can be a social cause, like giving away books, which is worthy and interesting for your community, capable of bringing you back a lot of chattering on your action.

206. Older sites are often search engines’ favorites. Evaluate if it might be a good idea to buy an already established related site and put a link there to your new site.

207. There are already a few cases of sites who decided to sue Google because of not obtaining the results they expected. Think through it and evaluate it as an extreme, yet possible option. There are collective processes going on, as well as individual.

208. Internet is packed with bad guys and making one of those sue you might be an option to attract sympathy and attention, and many links as well. Carefully think through this option, though, it involves special efforts and it is recommended in special cases, after considering other simpler ways to building a name for yourself.

209. If you don’t want a process but you feel you have a strong case, just pick up a fight, online, with one of the influential bad guys. Make sure you’re prepared, though.

210. Come up with an insider story.

211. Organizing a contest can be a great investment. Your ROI will be at least a few time bigger, you’ll make a lot of buzz around your site and eventually you’ll attract many links.

212. Organize a written contest, on a certain topic, where participants have to link you. In the end publish the best texts to your site and blog, generating secondary links.

213. Organize contest which by their nature involve a lot of linking.

214. Make sure the prize is personalized. People love to have unique items, so try to make one of a kind product by personalizing, for example, it color or shape.

215. Or offer an invaluable prize like a special day in the office or a tour of the factory. Something really interesting to talk about afterwards.

216. You can even think about making a weekly or monthly contest through which the winner gets a free spot on your site. Skittles done it on its Facebook page and it was a massive success.

217. Does your product have an ultimate quality? Challenge people to beat it and offer an attractive prize for it.

218. And, why not, challenge your audience to expose their best talent. For example, by singing a song about you and uploading their videos on your website. They will share the links and you’ll get increased visibility.

219. Or, encourage customers to make a funny video about your products, some use of it others didn’t thought of. Then put them on your site and encourage them to share it with their friends.

220. Offer vouchers on specialized sites. You’ll get linked to some of the most visited sites and increase your sales volumes, too.

221. Insert anchor text links in their descriptions. These links are likely to be indexed.

222. Think about making some online campaigns with contests where the prize comes in coupon codes for your products.

223. Make a fan club for your products and offer members special prices. They will spread the news and lead more people towards it.

224. Reward your fans with an exclusive prelaunch period in which only them will be able to purchase the new product.

225. Periodically, hold sales. These attract people right away and they will create a lot of talking around them.

226. Take advantage of high sales periods like Christmas or Valentine’s and make yourself noticed by organizing special promotions.

227. Offer free tools, such as different calculators. These attract many visitors and links.

228. Focus on one new fantastic tool nobody offers or add special features to an existing one. Visitors will love it and will talk about it.

229. Let people download from your site free software. Though, pay special attention to protect it from malware distributors.

230. Check other sites from malware with ScrapeBox and let their webmaster know. You might get a link.

231. If you find sites and blogs that are infiltrated by hackers with different links, inform the webmasters. Most probably they are not aware of it and they will offer you a link in exchange.

232. Visitors love online quizzes and they love to share them, too. So be creative and make one.

233. Do not neglect mobile marketing and offer some amazing application related to your brand. If it is good enough, it will promote by itself and bring you many links.

234. Send some giveaways to get feedback and reviews from important persons in your industry.

235. Pick the most read bloggers and organize a giveaway campaign, just for them. Reviews and links will come very handy to launch new products and promotions besides raising your site’s rank.

236. Get a few influential journalists and offer them the chance to be involved in a n internal business process. Offer them free products for reviews and exclusive stories.

237. Reply to HARO queries. Your spent time will make a few reporters very happy and bring you press exposure.

238. Organize giveaways offline, too, for example on the street or in a mall. People love free stuff and they will post and tweet about it, generating links. A complimentary press release about your action will increase further the great results you’ll get.

239. Offer visit cards with your site on them and personalize your car with your URL. Any kind of offline marketing works well for online awareness, too.

240. ATL is to be used efficiently in online, as well. For example, offer some samples to TV shows in your niche and they will talk about them, easing your access to a wide target and generating brand chatter and links.

241. Offer free trials to your customers. It will prove them how sure you are about the quality of your products and it will build a strong image for your brand, so impressive they will feel like sharing their opinions with others.

242. Your friends and family are not to be neglected as they can be some of your most enthusiastic brand’s ambassadors. Offer them free products so they’ll know what they are talking about.

243. Ask your friends to link to you on their websites and make friends with people who are active online.

244. Reward with freebies your products’ fans; the guys that are always mentioning with great emphasize your products. This will consolidate your relationship and make them sustain your brand for the future, as well, generating more links.

245. Offer free products for different parties and event gift bags. It will allow you to access a very specific target, and if it is internet related, even better. You’ll get lots of links and reviews.

246. Offer your product as a prize for a very popular site contest. It will bring you instant linking and a lot of people talking about it.

247. Involve your customers in product testing before releasing. They will be thrilled to make a difference and be the first to know and they will write with enthusiasm about your brand.

248. You can even go further. Select the most active key opinion leaders in your field and invite them to a focus group during product development. Apart from getting valuable and relevant feedback, you’ll build a trustworthy image for your brand and they will let the others know it.

249. Let the people tell you what they want. Make a contest to create the perfect product and ask them to contribute with ideas of how it should be and do. In the end, reward the wildest ideas.

250. Or offer them the chance to choose between two or more possible features for your new product. Offer prizes for the most active fans and your competition will become viral.

251. Find fan pages for your products and ask members to link you by email.

252. Add a special feature to your product, an extra accessory. This will be a good topic for the media to cover.

253. Maybe branded merchandise it’s seen by most one of the old and not so efficient ways to promote your brand. But if you take some time to get an original approach and message, you might be surprised to see the incredible impact they can bring, online and offline.

254. Get together with people in your field and network, both online and offline, in different events. You’ll create many opportunities for future business and collaborations.

255. Take advantage of every socializing event you are invited to. Remember, it matters more who you know than what you know.

256. Invite a few of them out and consolidate your relationship. In a mainly virtual world, it’s nice to get to know the person and benefits will be seen in the number of links to your sites, as well.

257. Search for the most open-minded photographers and propose them to make a photo shoot for your products. It is a cross promotion they will not refuse, very useful to bring you new links as they can use this photos in their portfolios, too.

258. Grow your personal image and get a photo-shoot for yourself, as well. People want to associate the business with the person and a professional picture helps a lot.

259. Also you can choose to have done a portrait or a caricature by an experienced artist.

260. Build a great quality imagery site template and make images accessible. People love to share and link to impressive images.

261. Sharing pictures under the Creative commons license adds some more links. Webmasters and bloggers are interested in royalty free photos.

262. Create interesting icons and share them for links.

263. Use drawings to impress your audience and you’ll get tons of links.

264. Graphs and charts work the same way. Whenever you have some data organize it into some good looking charts or graphs and post them.

265. If you can make and share some good looking badges, you’ll get the webmasters interest and links, too.

266. Develop a toolbar and share it for free. These are pretty much appreciated by downloaders.

267. Why not making a game to play online, on you site. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s important to be funny and original.

268. Make it embeddable and you’ll gain plenty more links.

269. Offer a branded website plugin.

270. If you are good at graphic design, contact other webmasters and offer them free logos and improved web design for a link to your site.

271. Also you can participate to specific designers’ contests and galleries.

272. It’s a good idea also to switch to html5 and submit to html5 galleries.

273. Offer other sites’ owner free membership for their links.

274. If you are not good at it, still, don’t miss this opportunity. Get a low budget web designer online and for a few dollars you will get a logo. Then offer it for the link. That’s good business.

275. Offer hosting for other sites or pay for it in exchange for their links.

276. If applicable, distribute a free accessible version of you product, like a pdf, to those who you think will talk about it later on.

277. Make sure your documents like pdf, .ppt and .doc are being indexed by search engines.

278. If applicable, release your product online for free, but include a code that will deteriorate it in time. This way many people will have access to it and will make a lot of buzz around it, but still will want to purchase the original version, the real thing.

279. Encourage your staff to grow extracurricular passions. Besides having more relaxed and creative personnel, you’ll be able to accede, from inside, different other markets and connects to other related industries.

280. Ask them to link to the company from their blog, sites and social media profiles.

281. Stimulate them to ask their friends, too, to tag you.

282. Conceive a micro product, very accessible and relevant for the macro-one. You want as many people trying your products and, eventually, talk about them.

283. Don’t jump on advertising money. Grow your site first, like Facebook did, make it a pleasant experience for your visitors and only afterwards think about how you should monetize ways it.

284. Offer open source design templates, with your brand included.

285. Get professional help and create wordpress templates to ensure linking to you site whenever it gets used by someone.

286. Subscribe your wordpress templates to wordpress.org them directory to make them accessible to a larger audience.

287. Update orphaned wordpress plug-ins.

288. Remember to include credit links in your templates because this is the main source of links.

289. Update regularly the anchor text that points to your site.

290. Same story with Mambo templates, they are easy to do and very used.

291. Start setting up free blogs for other users. It’s very common to offer this service in exchange for a link and implies a simple procedure.

292. Find old abandoned blogs that still have link equity and reregister them. Then post a link to your site. However, do not abuse and use at most 4-5 such blogs.

293. Find expired web domains that have link pointing to them. Buy them and link them to your own site.

294. Buy existing domains you can find through Flippa and link them to your site. It involves a certain budget, but if you have it, that’s money well spent.

295. Register domains related to your site’s name and link them to the main site. 10-15 of these will do the trick.

296. Start new blogs and give your main blog a link, from time to time.

297. Suggest your friends to become bloggers. Exchange links with them.

298. Post some interesting pictures of well-known people in your field. They tend to be spread and shared rapidly, bringing lots of links toward your site.

299. Offer your product to some celebrity and publish the photo of this person using your product. Press and fellow bloggers will be thrilled to link it.

300. Find some hot topic related to your field that involves a celebrity and write about it.

301. Get a celebrity you can afford to write a guest post on your blog.

302. Make sure you get in touch his connections, ask for recommendations and make the most out of this collaboration.

303. Use different conferences and events to socialize with important people in your field and then transfer your relationship into online and link with them. It is much easier to do so after you’ve introduced yourself in real person.

304. When you’re invited at conferences and other events, take pictures of all participants and tag them on your blog. Whenever someone researches them and needs a photo, you’ll be likely to be cited.

305. Use modern technique and live blog from conferences.

306. Hotlink all of your pictures to make it easier for others to link to you.

307. Organize your own event, even better, online, your own site and offer people from your industry to get together and share opinions. They will appreciate your initiative and let others know about it.

308. Take some interesting and captivating interviews to key people in your field. These spread in no time and are highly linkable.

309. Prepare your interviews by collecting questions to which your readers really want to find out the answer. Make your research on forums, social media and so on.

310. Make some complex articles where you put together opinions you get from the most influential guys in your industry, on a hot topic.

311. Offer some interviews about you and your business. You’ll get linked, as well.

312. Get interviewed no matter how small the site or the blog is. You’ll be dedicating only half an hour of your time but potentially receive many links for the future.

313. When you’re invited to bring your contribution to crowd sourced posts, don’t hesitate. It’s a few minutes work for a link or two.

314. Insert links to others, you want to sustain and encourage. Most of them will link back to you and encourage others to do so, as well.

315. Take the Squidoo model and pay those who are offering you great content. When you are giving incentives you are entering the money sources world and you are generating many links to your site.

316. Take others’ successful business example and organize a free day product. It’s money well spent, as although you’ll have to sustain lots of expenses that day, you will get a lot of media attention and links, more links.

317. Slip a pricing error. That is a great trick to attract people’s attention. They will certainly talk about it and ask if it is possible, or not, generating a lot of links.

318. Follows others’ successful example, like Groupon’s and pay for referral. They even offered a special URL to use for this process, making everything handy and easy to control. This ended up on personal pages, generating more links for Groupon.

319. Offer money to those who are talking about your brand. For example, Toyota has organized a campaign in which has rewarded its new buyers with 500$ if they twitted about getting a new car. It was a smashing success, and you can replicate it, too.

320. Clever money back guarantees are adding more value to your brand and are generating a lot of talking around them.

321. Make an internship program. It will make you look like an authority in your industry, you’ll impact some young professional lives and people will spread the news.

322. Hire a few journalism students to write for you and help you generate more quality content.

323. Get great quality texts using ghostwriters and freelancers you can find online. You can get great value for the money.

324. Share an important secret of your industry. It will get lots of attention and links.

325. Recruit your next employee by making a popular contest. You can search, for example, for a social media ambassador and proclaim winner the one who raises as many votes/shares as possible.

326. Select a few dedicated and influential fans and make them your brand ambassadors. Keep them happy by offering them free products and inside exclusive information.

327. If you have the funds, make some awards for special persons in your local community. Post about those on your blog and the others will share.

328. Apply to specific awards in your industry. Even if you don’t win them, you’ll win the links.

329. Realize an impressive calendar and let people download it, for free, from your site.

330. Build an application which allows them to add their own photos to the calendar, but keep your logo and link on it.

331. Make a collection of interesting articles and publish a free ebook on Amazon.

332. Or maybe, you can choose to give away the ebook for a link.

333. Or for a tweet, using sites like PayWithATweet.com.

334. Or subscribe your ebook to many ebook directories.

335. Write reviews for other ebooks in your niche.

336. Teach some webinars in your area of expertise. It can be fun and it’s very interactive, so you will get a lot of recommendations and links.

337. Release articles on Scribd and you will get some extra links.

338. Make wonderful presentations and share them on Slideshare and you’ll get even more popular.

339. Sign up on youtube and upload video presentations and other videos related to your industry. Any footage there has the chance to become a viral, and if it has your link on it, even better.

340. Use tubemogul.com also to distribute your videos.

341. Make sure all your social media profiles are complete and updated on a regular basis.

342. If you have a lot of teaching materials and apps, you can get eligible for special dedicated directories and generate new links and more traffic for your site.

343. Offer discounts to disability persons and get links from their associations.

344. Often, transforming your product into a eco-friendly one involves minimum efforts and spending. Do this and take advantage of the PR you can have in environmental press and blogs.

345. Create materials that target an ecofriendly attitude. Ecologists are very dedicated to their causes and such materials will be appreciated and sustained.

346. Be proactive and get in touch with green bloggers. Tell them about your products and believes and offer to guest write on their blogs.

347. A dedicated infographic or specific videos shared by you via social media have the real potential of becoming viral.

348. Offer a scholarship to a gifted child. Sustain his studying and offer a job at the end of it. Even if it might sound like a big company’s plan, it is feasible at a local community level and brings many PR advantages.

349. Sponsor an upcoming star. You never know how big he will become some day and multiply infinitely your ROI, impressing your brand into the collective memory.

350. Create a forum related to your area of expertise and let people share opinions. Of course it will allow you to post links to relevant content on your site.

351. Start a new online community and run your own social network.

352. Allow and encourage comments on your blog. It is a great way to build readers’ loyalty and make them share your posts.

353. Organize a flashmob and offer to all participants your product for free. Make sure you write a press release about it to increase participation and further interest.

354. What about helping to set a world record? Think about what can be done related to your products and make an event the press and the community would love to talk about.

355. Link your blog to your twitter account by default and keep your followers updated with your latest post, offering them the possibility of sharing.

356. Optimize your twitter account for building links by having a link both in your web and bio fields to your twitter profile.

357. Organize a contest on Twitter, where people who want to participate must twit about a certain topic. To increase linking, include a URL in the link.

358. Get in touch with you most dedicated twitter followers and ask them to help you with some links.

359. A good strategy to get in touch with new people on twitter is to retweet a few of their tweets, then comment on some and then ask for their email contact and start chatting.

360. Create both a personal and a business page on Facebook and reach many potential link partners.

361. Create an original competition for your Facebook fans. This, as well, will be empowered by adding a link to the post or share.

362. Get social through a personal account on Google+. Many contacts will bring more linking possibilities.

363. Use G+ and Skype to virtually “hang out” with people that you cannot meet face to face.

364. Get some links using Flickr.

365. Connect professionally through your Linkedin account and add a link to your site there, too.

366. Outreach people who have sites or blogs in the same niche as you do and inform them about the content and infographics you will post. They’ll most probably link to it.

367. Create a MySpace page and link it to your site and blog.

368. Request your friends to do the same thing for you.

369. Make a dedicated MySpace page for your site, exclusively.

370. Some sites still have guestbooks. Take advantage if you find one and leave a link there.

371. Dedicate some time to create profiles on public sites. Each of them means one more linking opportunity.

372. Revolve to the most connected users in social media to share the most interesting post you have. It will give you the change to accede a much wider audience.

373. Share your knowledge with other sites and blogs by guest posting. You’ll be able to leave a link to your own site and confirm your skills.

374. You can use sites like Blogger Link Up and My Blog Guest to connect with boggers who are in search of blog guests.

375. Make how to guides, pdfs and videos about common interest subject, related to your industry. People get mad about these and links will show it.

376. Don’t forget to make printable versions of these guides and you will secure your success.

377. Create evergreen resources. These guides will be among your popular posts. If necessary, update them from time to time.

378. College students are great linkers. Write a college dedicated tutorial and you’ll be amazed by your results.

379. Maximize them sending it to college related webmasters. Proactivity will increase your awareness and links.

380. Search specific lists on .edu and see where you can fit and do a good job. Then make your strategy to get in touch with the webmasters and tell them about your tutorial.

381. Let visitors ask you questions and always answer them. It is very likely they will share your answers with the others.

382. Organize Q&A sessions for beginners every week.

383. Make them more interactive by inviting some friends to join them and ask some questions.

384. Realize a complete info graphic about the field in which you’re activating and share it on the info graphics sites. You’ll get a link back.

385. Distribute your infographics to as many directories and blogs you can. Don’t just expect people to find it on your site.

386. If you cannot so it by yourself, don’t give up on the idea. Sacrifice a small budget and get an experience graphic designer. It will worth the effort.

387. Get a designer who presents his work on its site. Adding you in his portfolio means an extra link.

388. You can also make an instructographic. It is basically the same, but more centered on the know-how part, which appeals a lot of sharing.

389. Starting from the infographic, develop an info animation. It is easier to follow and understand for your reader, so more sharable.

390. Create a whitepaper to give away and encourage people to tweet about it.

391. Submit technical papers to specialized sites like bitpipe.com

392. Research for interesting case studies and publish them. They’re great to build both reputation and backlinks.

393. Even better, create case studies about your best clients. it will offer you more authority and lots of links.

394. Submit these case studies to specific libraries like bitpipe.com.

395. Try to release some spectacular research results in your industry.

396. Make yourself known as the one who informs all the others on the hottest stuff.

397. Or volunteer to be the subject of a case study and help people with relevant data to receive a link (and many more others) in exchange.

398. Accept the speaker position for a conference. Besides getting more popular and known, you’ll surely get a link to your site.

399. Teach a class in your area of expertise. Your students will link to your site.

400. Coin a new term in your niche. That will make people talk about it.

401. Help universities to update their libraries with the newest issues in the field. You may be mentioned during classes and on the university’s blog and student may become interested about you.

402. Bring your contribution to the writing of a college or university curriculum.

403. When prospecting new opportunities, choose voice calls. They are much more personal than emails and the small costs implied will pay off.

404. Find new prospects with Google Alerts. It works superbly and it’s free.

405. Involve yourself in actions able to generate dedicated twitter feeds from persons or business with many followers.

406. If you want to hire a new person, make sure your link is present in the job add and publish it on as many job listings as possible.

407. Regularly email these persons with short news and exclusivities.

408. Organize a press event for a new product launch. To maximize response, offer your participants free products to test and write about afterwards.

409. Good customer service is essential for successful business. Moreover, it can be a good topic for satisfied customers and can bring you great reviews and recommendations.

410. Send your customers a personalized email after receiving your products, find out about how satisfied they are with your service and ask them kindly for a link or a recommendation, as well.

411. Recruit mystery shoppers to test your shops and personnel. Offer them free product and create a subdomain to encourage people to apply and recommend others.

412. Use social media to promote your site. Be present on Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

413. It’s best to include a embed code to facilitate linking back to your site.

414. Contact sites that mention you or your site but do not link you.

415. Use Google Alerts to keep a good register of all company’s mentioning without linking back.

416. Use Copyscape to find content from your site that was copy pasted to others. Ask them for inserting a link to you site, their original source.

417. Cite your sources and you will encourage others to do so, as well.

418. Get inspired by your competitors’ backlink profile.

419. Search for competitor’s URL .edu and get the list of the most appreciated links a competitor has. Afterwards, start working on getting some links on the same sites.

420. Create a database with all competition’s linking activity and decide what might work best for you, as well.

421. Get inspired by their marketing & PR actions, as well, learn from their mistakes and replicate their successes.

422. Pay to be present on some Recent Blog Posts widely spread widgets.

423. If applicable, after the free trial period expires, ask people to make a link to you instead of charging them.

424. Use Google Adwords to see which sites generate traffic and conversion. Then make friends with them.

425. Obtain all the certifications and licenses you can possibly get in your field.

426. Create a certification program for sites in your industry, with a trophy winners can use on their sites. It will be a great source of links.

427. Use links to your site in all you emails. Occasionally these are being copied and posted online, mostly by RSS feeds.

428. Write a very captivating and useful newsletter. Readers will share it and it will bring even more visits and links back to your site.

429. Find influential newsletter senders in your area and try to get a link to your own site included.

430. Make your site crawlable. There are special graphic elements, for example, that may prevent indexing links in some sections. Solving the problem will generate more backlinks.

431. Also, make sure all links on your site are easy to be spidered. Pay special attention to Java and Flash files.

432. Check for 404 page errors recorded for your site and if content has been removed or deleted you’ll have the chance to replace it and reactivate the link.

433. If you find broken link that might lead to your site, contact that webmaster and propose him to repair it and replace it with a link to you.

434. Use scoop.it to drive traffic and get some new links.

435. Make a list of linkerati in your niche and get in touch with them.

436. Convince them to subscribe to your blog, and if your content is good quality, they will link back to you.

437. Make the most extensive resource for your products. You want to be the first one read by people when they are researching your product and services.

438. Build related microsites and get the possibility to have even more backlinks for your main site.

439. Microsites have to be funny and simple. Don’t allocate a huge budget to this point. Instead, concentrate on creating original topics and reserving memorable domains.

440. Write articles related to previous work, so you can link them internally.

441. Relate your multiple sites to interlinking, both between pages and subpages.

442. Become member of social bookmarking communities and place links to your articles in order to make people aware of their existence.

443. Provide more value than others. In the end, no matter what strategy you apply the idea is to help your readers.

444. Instead of being annoying with many posts without a clear structure, take your time to work on a high quality article, with a lot of research behind. Your readers will appreciate it and reward your efforts.

445. Check your content before publishing, read it out loud. Sometimes it turns out to have a different meaning than the one you intended to and it’s best to avoid confusions.

446. Go for short phrases, headers, lists and bullet points, whenever it is possible.

447. Prefer to write evergreen content or update it regularly when it’s not the case.

448. Spell check is mandatory; it makes your text look professional.

449. Update content regularly to make sure visitors will find interesting and fresh articles to share.

450. Content and brand image are vital for your visibility. Make long term improving strategies and stick with them to guarantee optimal results.

451. Write personally and share your own experiences. People love to identify with the writer.

452. Be simple and think your text has to be accessible to newbies, as well. If it looks too difficult it can seem elitist and inaccessible.

453. Make a glossary of terms and jargons specific for your field, it is very useful for newbies and it will be appreciated.

454. Create an extensive list of abbreviations that is used in your niche. Sometimes, people are getting so accustomed with these they neglect to explain them for the newbies.

455. Link to sites that are connected to these abbreviations for some more details. It might bring you back some links.

456. Mentor new bloggers and watch them grow and paying back your efforts.

457. To come up with good content you have to know everything about your field, so it’s best to use your research skills as much as possible.

458. Leave your contact info visible and respond to your emails promptly.

459. Insert a contact form on your contact page, to encourage interactivity.

460. Add a page dedicated to testimonials, where people can log and write. This will increase their authenticity.

461. See which local clubs list their member with links included and join them.

462. Create HTML ready snippets to be included by those who want to link to you. You can dedicate a special page to this purpose.

463. Set up a webcam and get some more extra linking. It doesn’t necessarily has to be a touristic place, a square next to an office building might bring you many persons interested of the area.

464. Submit your URL to cam guides like WebCam Central.

465. Pay for advertorials on blogs.

466. Display your logo to specific logo sites like thelogomix.com.

467. If you have a toll free number, get extra links by subscribing it to specific sites like internettollfree.com.

468. If you don’t have a free toll number, it worth getting one, for a small monthly fee. It gives you links and authority.

469. Test your knowledge and let others know your result. Exceptional results will attract lots of shares and links.

470. Use Google map to outline important events in your field. It will be very useful and linkable.

471. Get listed on Google Places.

472. Make you resume visible on multiple sites.

473. Identify employees who can be good ambassadors of your brand and ask them to do the same, too.

474. Encourage them to relate with other people in the industry. If you have many human typologies working your PR, you have more chances to be liked and aware of the most important event.

475. Add an enthusiastic client’s testimonial at the end of your signature.

476. Change it regularly to make it even more visible.

477. Make podcast and submit them to specific directories.

478. Automatically transcribe the content of the podcast and post it on your site.

479. Receive a link form a .mil site.

480. Also, receive a link from an .org site which related to your industry.

481. Optimize simple links from other sites with relevant anchor text.

482. Let people see classified ads related to your niche on your site.

483. Make widget style ad units that contain links to your product pages.

484. Share your widgets on the widgets’ directories like widgipedia.com.

485. Search for companies that do the same thing as you do, but are addressing other markets, and propose them link exchange.

486. Conceive product guides and share them. Besides bringing links, they help building awareness.

487. Try to sponsor high end content blogs in your industry.

488. If feasible, add a donation button to your site or blog.

489. Know who links you using specific applications. Linkinstant, for example, is showing you immediately when you get linked.

490. When you get a link, be polite and say thank you to the webmaster who did it.

491. Consolidate relationships with your linkers, once a site linked you, is possible to do it again, for the future.

492. Use your gained influence to apply all linking strategies with greater success. Be sure you are talking to those who already know who you are.

493. Remember that first of all you are a person, not an entrepreneur. Offer feedback when your contacts post about topics they care about. Building strong relationships will bring you satisfactions.

494. Choose English as the main language of your site, because is the most read one.

495. You can insert a translation tool to make sure more people have access to its content, easier.

496. Make some more languages versions for your site, for the most searched languages. It’s easy to find natives online to translate your content, for very low costs.

497. Translate your blog in multiple languages, as well.

498. Subscribe your new site’s and blog’s versions to other national directories.

499. Create an organized plan with more promotion actions you choose to perform over a certain period of time. It will help you to see the big picture and get consolidated results.

500. Hire a student willing to learn and work and have him implementing your plan, while you can take care of other business.

Don’t be shy, if you have something to add/say use the comment box.


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