December 2

W3 Total Cache – A total cache plugin for wordpress


Ever wondering why some wordpress sites load faster then others? Well, this could be from several reasons. One of them is of course, the hosting you are using. But the other important factor it’s the speed of the page generated. Yes, that’s correct. When a user click on a link, or hit your website address in a browser, here is what happens:

  1. WordPress run the PHP script and MySQL queries the database to find and generate the requested page
  2. PHP then parses the data and generate the requested page

But, when you install a cache plugin, the steps above will be skipped, and the server will return a cached copy of that page. The server resources will not be overused, and the users will get the generated page much faster. One super duper plugin that gets this job done, it’s W3 Total Cache.

After installing it from your wordpress administration area, the basic and most important settings that needs to be checked are as follows:




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