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Tips to bring customers to your WordPress ecommerce website


WordPress has made building ecommerce website easier. Anyone can easily set up an ecommerce website and then add products with help of WordPress and its plugins. Starting an online business is easy but gaining customers is hard. You will need to make your website ready to receive traffic and then from the total traffic, there will be some customers.

There are many ways of generating traffics. You need to follow the best method of generating traffic from where you will receive customers. Getting huge traffic which does not convert into customer at all is a big waste.

First of all you will need to make your website ready from inside. It means you need to do on page SEO of your website. This will make the website ready to receive traffic from the search engines.

You can use Al in one SEO pack plugin or any other plugin to do on page SEO. Now SEO is for receiving random traffic (you never know the age and gender of visitors’). You will not get good conversion if you use SEO for receiving customers. From this article, you will learn other better ways to receive traffic with good conversion rate.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is the best way of getting high PR pages in your website. Getting high PR pages will help you to get visitors form search engines. Blogs will also work to impress visitors and turn them into customers.

If you do not have a huge list of products, you can write articles on all of the products that you have. For ecommerce site with a lot of products, it is better to open a blog using different domain name. In that domain, only keep articles and within the article keep links to your products.

Language of articles should be the language of targeted traffic. If you want to get customers from Italy, it is better to write contents in Italian language and also in English language because many Italians use English as default language when surfing internet. People from some countries like China, Russia, and Japan do not like to use English much. So if you are willing to have customers from countries where English is rarely used, you should not use English to write content.

Add images videos and links in your article. Let people share your article on social networking sites. You will receive a lot of additional visitors if your articles get shared on social networking sites multiple times.

  1. Build a big email list

You can get email address of your website’s visitors by asking them to subscribe for new contents or by offering them any discount on any products through subscription only.

Many blogging sites also like to share email lists. Assume that you have a list of 1500 email address and another blogger has a list of 1600 email address. You can share with that blogger and make total 3100 email address in your email list. Before you use this method of collecting email address, you need to know that this is not an honest method and the conversion rate will not be satisfying. You may get email address from same category blog but still many people will not be interested to read email from unknown websites.

Books Worth Reading:

Another way of collecting email address is letting people sign up on your website. Let them give comments only when they sign up. You can also require signing up to buy anything from your ecommerce shop. I agree with some experts who say that it is not a good idea to forbid people to buy something from new ecommerce site without signing up. So, the best method of building email list is asking people to subscribe to get notification for new blog entries or daily product discounts.

You may wonder why you need to have email list. There is no other way an ecommerce website can survive the long journey without building email list. To make a customer come back and buy again from your website, you need their email address. When you offer them discount through email, they will be interested to buy again from your website. Email can turn traffic into customer better than any other method.

  1. Responsive design (mobile friendly ecommerce website)

Many people use Smartphone nowadays. If your ecommerce store is designed for only PC, you will lose a big amount of customers. You need to make a website which is ready for mobile devices as well. Make sure to put all important parts of your website in mobile version. Since you will need to cut off some sections, select only less important parts to deduct from the design. Make sure that you are making an attractive design for mobile devices.

It is also mandatory to keep less heavy scripts. Heavy scripts such as JavaScript can make websites run slow in mobile devices.

  1. Social media strategy

What is social media strategy? It is the method or the strategy of receiving traffic from social networking sites. Traffic from social networking sites is more valuable than traffic from other sources. Sometimes people searches in Google and other search engines to buy something then they compare with multiple websites and then they buy. So if you are working with Google Adwords, it is time to give Facebook a try.

Books Worth Reading:
  • Open a page On Facebook using your business’s name.
  • Post ad on Facebook by filtering country, age and gender.

You know the kind of people who will be interested to buy your product. If you are selling anything that women will buy, do not waste your energy and money after men. If you are selling something that is for men only, do not waste your energy and money after women.

It is true that many women buy stuffs for their relatives, friends and family members who are men but we are here looking at the big picture.

If we post on Facebook and show ad globally to everyone on Facebook, our ad campaign will not be succeed. No matter how much money we pay to Facebook, we will get a very low sales traffic.

This is why using the filter section is mandatory. Post contents on your Facebook page regularly. Make sure that you are adding link of your website with each post.

Reply to comments daily. Give special discounts only to Facebook fans of your page regularly. Frequently post something that will entertain fans. Link with other pages and make sure that you are being heard.

Books Worth Reading:

You cannot sit around by only making Facebook page. You need to make Twitter page, Google + page and Instagram if possible. There are other social networking sites which might be important depending on geographical interest.

If you are offering any service instead of product, make sure you have LinkedIn page.

  1. Content rich pages

Your website’s homepage and product page should be content rich. Add images, videos, external links and other media. There are several parts of the product page. First one is the title. Try to make a SEO friendly title. Keep one important keyword in the title. Short titles are easy to read so people like short title. You can add model number, color of the product and the name of the product in the title. Some of us keep the size of the product in title but adding all of these will make a title lengthy so it is better to keep title short by adding mandatory items.

Writing a good description will result good sales. Be very detailed about the product in description area. Do not write description in paragraph. Write descriptions using bullets. It will be hard to read if you write a big description in paragraph. People can easily read if you use bullets.

Add high quality images. Keep in mind that if the image size is too big then the website will load slowly. You need to add high quality images of product with fair memory size. You can add direct link to the JPG file as hyper link and show thumbnail size image of product in product page. Add images of product from different angle. It is mandatory to impress both customers and search engines.

Books Worth Reading:

Review of products should be added at the below of product description. People like to check reviews before buying any product. Keep option to add new reviews as well. You can also add FAQ section in your product page. Give answers to the basic questions so that people can get answers which arise when they see your product.

“Similar products” section is also important. If you keep this section, you will be able to make more sales.

Maintaining an ecommerce website is harder than creating one. Once you make an ecommerce website, you will need to work regularly to make sales. Use all available techniques to receive customers. Get monthly data and find out what is missing from your campaign. Regularly check your website for SEO ranking. If ranking is going down then take necessary steps to increase SEO rank of your website. Post on social media regularly and send weekly emails to the subscribed users.



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