February 9

TinyJPG – Online tool to compress JPG images even more


Did you know that JPG and JPEG images can be compressed even more?

If you are a web designer, flyer designer, poster designer and so on, at some point you will need to compress some of your JPG images for different reasons.

I know that software such as Photoshop or ACDSee have pretty good compression tools included, but with TinyJPG you will get way way better compression (3 x times better) after you’ve exported the JPG images from Photoshop or any other software. And you will do it online, without download any software.

How to do it?

Pretty simple.

1.Export your image via Photoshop, ACDSee or any other software you are using in JPG format. Of course you can compress any other images that are in JPG format, such as images downloaded from other websites, images that you purchased and want to use in a project, and so on.

2.Go to TinyJPG and drag your images, or upload them via upload form. You can upload up to 20 images at once, max 5 MB/image.

3.Wait for the compression process to finish and download your compressed images.


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