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  • How to speed up your wordpress website big time

    WordPress can get very slower when it comes to loading the page, especially if you are using a bad theme, or if it’s bundled up with tons of plugins, custom post types or many blog posts. Luckily, there are some tips that you can use, and increase your wordpress page speed up to 500%. So here it’s what you […]

  • How to secure your ecommerce website with a SSL certificate

    Adding SSL is mandatory to make the transaction of a website secured. An ecommerce site must have a SSL certificate installed. Modern browsers will warn users when they are trying to make a transaction in a non- “HTTPS” website. When we go to Google.com, we get a secure connection because of SSL. Most of the […]

  • Tips to keep your WordPress website secure

    Tips to keep your WordPress website secure

    WordPress websites are more secured than usual websites but still, yet hackers can find a way to hack it. WordPress does not fight against brute force attack which means multiple retries of login is acceptable in WordPress by default, and that’s a big weak point. However, there is a way you can keep your WordPress […]

  • Easy tips to speed up your WordPress website

    Many site owners complain that their WordPress website is slow. For many reasons, WordPress website can load slowly. Avoiding some bad habits can make your website load faster. What you should avoid to do with your website and what you should do are described below. Choose a good host for your WordPress site The first […]

  • 15 reasons to make your business website using WordPress

    Having a website is mandatory for almost all types of business. Through the website, you can show to people if there is any new product or service and you can update price of products and post any news about your company and products. A business with a website can boost success easily. A good domain […]

  • Useful websites to promote your webdesign for free

    Useful websites to promote your webdesign for free

    If you are a talented webdesigner or a graphic designer, or simply you have a passion for this kind of things, then you also might like or need to promote your webdesign files. If you design your files, and people won’t see them, it’s like peaking in the dark. And if you are looking to sale […]

  • Drive more traffic to your wordpress website with a social locker plugin

    Drive more traffic to your wordpress website with a social locker plugin

    The traffic of a website is it its most important aspect. The traffic volume and quality, determines your monthly earnings, self promotion of the website by your visitors on social networks and forums, and also your wordpress website popularity. Webmasters are looking every day for new methods to increase and improve traffic volume, and a very […]

  • Top 5 websites where you can get awesome PSD freebies

    Howdy everyone. We know how much you love awesome PSD freebies. So, we have selected a list of 5 most popular websites where you can download PSD resources. This can be used in personal or commercial projects. Here we go: Pixeden – they provide amazing psd quality work such as prints, buttons, graphics, web elements. Premium […]