November 6

GraphicXtreme Change Login Image Free WordPress Plugin

Looking for a quick and super easy way to change your default wordpress login logo? Well, search no more, because you can do it with the click of a mouse, without touching any line of code.

That’s right Sparky. We have released another free wordpress plugin that can help you do that. All you have to to is download the plugin, install it and activate it. Then on the wordpress administration menu a option will appear called Admin Logo. Click on it, and there you go! Change the logo with your own, and even add attributes such as width and height.

Just one more step and you are all set to download. Releasing freebies like this take us time, and you know we don’t like to charge you for them,  so you could help us with a share, follow, like so other people can find our resources. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it would make us very happy! After doing so, the download link will be revealed.

[button color=orange size=large url=”” ]Download GraphicXtreme Change Login Image Plugin[/button]


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