October 24

GraphicXtreme Pricing Tables – A cool wordpress plugin to create pricing tables

Good day to all of GraphicXtreme.com readers.

We are proud to announce that our first WordPress Plugin it’s finally out. We have worked hard in order to make your life easier with WordPress, and developed a plugin that can help you create pricing tables with ease.

With GraphicXtreme Pricing Tables you can create your pricing tables in seconds, and customize them just the way you want, so they can fit your needs.

You’ll see that you have unlimited possibilities, because we are going to list the plugin’s main features:

  • It’s free!
  • It’s responsive
  • Drag and drop pricing builder (Yup Sparky that’s right, just drag and drop the block inside the builder).
  • Add plan title
  • Add plan price
  • Add plan billing cycle
  • Add currency
  • Add list of features
  • Add text button
  • Add button URL
  • How many pricing tables will be displayed per line (you can add 1, 2, 3 or 4 pricing tables per line)
  • All font awesome icons are also included, so you can add any icon to any pricing plan you desire
  • Customize color for plan title
  • Customize color for icons
  • Customize colors for price
  • Customize colors for features
  • Customize colors for buttons
  • Add margin top and bottom to pricing block holder

How can you install GraphicXtreme Pricing Tables Plugin?

Pretty simple. Just scroll at the bottom of this page, and download the ZIP file of plugin.

Then go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload (and upload the ZIP file you just downloaded)

Install and activate the plugin.

How can you use GraphicXtreme Pricing Tables Plugin?

After installing and activating the plugin, an option will appear on the left side of your wordpress admin menu, called GraphicXtreme Pricing Tables.

Click on it, and drag the block Pricing Tables on the right side of the builder.

From this step on, it’s all yours baby! Play with elements until you get the result you want.

Books Worth Reading:

When you are satisfied copy the shortcode from the top area, inside any page or post and you are all set.

Just one more step and you can download this great plugin!

We just ask for a small favor in return, as creating great resources takes us time, and you know we don’t like to charge you for our work. So help other users find this great resources by sharing this on facebook, liking our page, or by following us on twitter, and you can reveal the download URL. Your support is highly appreciated.

[button color=green size=large url=”https://graphicxtreme.com/download-link/?resource=https://www.graphicxtreme.com/downloads/herowp-pricing-tables.zip” ]Download GraphicXtreme Pricing Tables Plugin[/button] [button color=black size=giant url=”http://herowp.com/hero-pricing-tables-wordpress-plugin-demo/” target=”blank”]Live Demo of GraphicXtreme Pricing Tables Plugin[/button] [button color=red size=giant url=”https://herowp.com/herowp-premium-pricing-tables-wordpress-plugin-demo/” target=”blank”]Check Premium Version of Plugin[/button]


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