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Free Heart Clipart, Heart Background Images, Heart PNG Files and Transparent Heart Images


Think for a moment if there is a more perfect symbol or representation of love like heart clipart or a heart image. An image of a heart is a quick and easy interchangeable piece with the word love. So easy, heart clipart and heart images are plastered all over t-shirts and coffee mugs declaring one’s love for any favorite tourist spot. No matter what message you are trying to get across with your graphic, newsletter, email, printed or digital material, heart clipart is a choice everyone will love.

Finding the right heart is where the idea you are trying to create begins. You need the heart with the right message, but you need that heart to have a transparent background. The heart image with a transparent background makes the perfect star of your creative design for your visual creation.

Types of Heart Clipart and Heart Images

Browse our Graphic Library to find the heart images or heart clipart that illustrate your project perfectly. Remember each different heart image tells its own story and represents a meaning all on its own when seen.

Let your design come alive with these hand-picked heart images and heart clipart just waiting to be used to make the right visual impression on your creative masterpiece.

1) Big Bold Red Heart Clipart

2) Heart Outline Clipart

3) Anatomy of the Heart Clipart

4) Crayon Heart Clipart

Books Worth Reading:

5) Heart with Arrow Clipart

6) Heart and Banner Clipart

7) Heart Icons Clipart

8) Multiple Hearts Clipart

9) Broken Heart Clipart

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10) Small Heart Clipart

11) Fancy Heart Clipart

12) Heart Emojis Clipart

Big Bold Red Heart

Classic imagery is hard to replace in the storage space of our visual mind. When people think of a heart image, they think of a red heart. Bright, bold red colored heart. Statement made.

Books Worth Reading:

That doesn’t mean you can’t get your message across with a heart filled in with a different color other than red. You can use any color to represent a specific disease awareness similar to ribbons if you would like. But if you want your message to be clear and readable across the room look no further, the big bold heart image is what you want.

glossy red heart with gradient

red heart with thick outline

red heart with shadow

embossed red heart with shadow

Books Worth Reading:

glossy slanted red heart

embossed red heart clipart

wide red heart clipart

red heart clipart

glossy red heart with shadow

Books Worth Reading:

glossy red heart clipart

glossy heart clipart

red pink heart with shadow

shiny cartoon-style heart

plain red heart

Books Worth Reading:

heart with shadow

big glossy heart

thin pointy heart

dark red heart with outline

side view of a heart

Books Worth Reading:

thin plain heart

Heart Outline

One of the first things every kid learns to draw is a heart. Repeating the symmetry of each side of the heart until you get it right will always be a part of Valentine’s Day.

This iconic heart outline clipart could be what you are looking for when it comes to sharing information about an upcoming event or project. You could search and search until you find just the right transparent heart image in just an outline. There are plenty of heart images that have the heart filled in with color. That is what makes the heart outline clipart with a transparent background so valuable. It can be placed on any existing graphics or background and match perfectly. It’s worth saving to reuse each time you need it.

flower heart outline

colorful flower heart outline

Books Worth Reading:

small hearts outline

fancy heart outline

red embossed heart outline

heart beat outline

black heart outline

Books Worth Reading:

thin heart outline

kids heart outline

thick heart outline

violet heart outline

fancy black outline

Books Worth Reading:

big flowers outline

peach outline with a twirl

cute flower outline

big red hearts outline

pink roses outline

Books Worth Reading:

flowers and stems outline

big yellow outline

gold heart outline with shadow

Anatomy of the Heart

Are you looking for a way that your heart clipart or heart image can stand out among hundreds of hearts? Switch from the fun cartoon, or hand-drawn heart outline to heart anatomy clipart. Nothing says I love you like heart valves and an open heart. Used the right way this type of heart clipart can be clever and make a strong impression.

Ideal for school projects where you are required to label the artery, vein, atriums, and valves this may be the heart anatomy image you were looking for.

red veins of heart anatomy

hand-drawn heart anatomy

shiny blue and red heart anatomy

blue and red heart anatomy

red small hearts of heart anatomy

tree heart anatomy

red heart anatomy

colorful triangles heart anatomy

triangles in black heart anatomy

colorful prism heart anatomy 

heart anatomy with labels

marker heart anatomy

pink anatomy with numbers

pink heart with veins

colorful heart anatomy 

heart anatomy with rays

plain heart anatomy

heart anatomy in frame

pale colored heart anatomy

3D heart anatomy 

Crayon Heart

Kids can do no wrong when they are holding a crayon and a piece of paper. Ok, plenty can go wrong if you are waiting too long for your food to arrive at your table while sitting in your favorite restaurant.

A crayon heart is sweet and innocent. Not the big bold red heart everyone imagines first, but the imperfect sketch of a crayon heart clipart can win anyone’s attention. The texture look of a hand-drawn crayon heart gives it another level of authenticity. Crayon heart images are the subtle and straightforward touch to give off the emotion and feeling of love you want for your design or creative project.

crayon heart with color pencil

perfect red crayon heart

orange crayon heart

green crayon heart

red crayon heart

hand-drawn crayon heart

two hand-drawn hearts

red orange crayon heart

pink crayon heart

red and black crayon hearts

colored with a color pencil

crayon heart outline

red crayon heart outline

crayon heart with small hearts

pretty red crayon heart

pink crayon heart outline

two happy crayon hearts

inlove crayon heart

happy crayon heart

cute red crayon outline

Heart with Arrow

Valentine heart clipart is popular in February. Cupid is not far behind as he marks hearts with his arrows. Heart with arrow images adds that extra touch of detail you may be searching the internet for.

Heart with arrow clipart isn’t just for February’s Valentines Day holiday. The heart with arrow transparent image can also be used throughout the entire year. Target the right heart with your audience when using the heart with arrow image to make a significant impact visually with your graphic or for your next project.

heart and arrow with shadow and blood

red heart and black arrow

pink heart and arrow

heart and arrow with ribbon

red heart and arrow

black heart and arrow

heart and arrow with gradient

heart and wooden arrow

wide black heart and arrow

blue heart and arrow with blood

pink heart and arrow with blood

heart outline and arrow

two plain hearts with an arrow

heart and arrow blood flowing

shiny heart with arrow

drawn with marker

heart and tribal arrow

gray heart and wooden with a shadow

two hearts drawn with marker

two shiny hearts with an arrow

Heart and Banner

Declare your love for your special someone without any doubt. Inscribe their name on the banner that is draped just over the heart. Heart and banner images have been made famous in tattoo shops by inscribing the name of the person’s fondest love. Heart and banner transparent images also proudly display love for dear Mom as well.

Heart and banner clipart makes it clear who should be feeling the love. There are several different design types of heart and banner images. The banner can be worn or tattered, have more of a scroll look, or wrapped with a subtle shadow look to provide depth to the image.

heart and banner with rays

heart and banner with arrows

violet heart with banner

big violet heart with banner

glossy heart with banner

shiny heart with valentine's banner

heart embraced by a banner

heart anatomy with banner

glossy blue heart with banner

shiny red heart with banner

black heart and banner

hand-drawn heart and banner

banner of love

plain heart with white banner

banner of true love

heart and banner with wings

heart and banner with an arrow

banner of valentine

heart and banner in fire

heart and banner with shadows

Heart Icons

Many professions and businesses rely on heart icons to express love and care for their patients, clients, or customers. Whether you need heart icons for your website, informational brochure, or to promote an event, a heart icon could be just what you need.

Transparent heart icons are used nationwide to promote love, care, affection, and kindness. Change the color of the heart icon to match your color scheme or the colors of the company represented.

small heart in hand

heart icon chat

red heart icon

red heart with muscle

black heart with muscle

white heart icon chat

green heart in a box

red heart location icon

glossy green heart

shiny heart in a circle with shadow

pixelated heart icon

small heart in a red circle

heart-shaped chat

heart icon with shadow and reflection

heart in a purple box

heart in a red box

red heart button

heart beat chat

red heart in a square

heart-shaped bubble chat

Multiple Hearts

Sometimes one heart is just not enough. Multiple hearts with one large heart and two or three smaller hearts surrounding the main heart is very popular. This heart icon choice gives the impression of feeling the emotion of love. When this heart clipart is placed above a character or person, it appears they are emoting love.

This type of heart is searched because users would like to have a transparent background and only have the heart visible. That way you can place the multiple hearts over the background of your choice no matter what color background you are using.

big and small hearts

glossy big and small hearts

orange hearts clipart

love quote in hearts

small hearts with background

two fancy hearts

cute small hearts 

red hearts of a tree

one odd heart

small glossy hearts

multiple hearts with faces

hearts with faces and hats

four cute heart faces

glittery hearts

red hearts falling

hand-drawn hearts

cute big and small hearts 

six plain hearts

shiny golden hearts

golden hearts in rows

Broken Heart

Two pieces of a heart that fit perfectly back together like two pieces of a puzzle is the broken heart clipart that fixes the need for a fractured heart. Broken heart icon can have multiple meanings and show more than falling out of love with someone.

The broken heart image looks strong when each half of the heart is filled with bright red and outlined in black. Combine that look with a transparent background, and you can really make a bold statement.

red broken heart

heart cracked from top to bottom

shiny heart with shadow

faded color broken heart

black broken heart

sad cartoon clipart

heart cracked from bottom to top

bandaged broken heart

blue broken heart with shadow

blue broken heart

3D cracked heart

pink broken heart

3D flat broken heart

pink bandaged heart with blood

a sad broken heart

broken heart of a man

heart cracked into two

red broken heart with shadow

three broken hearts

broken heart with a face

Small Heart

Cute and tiny small heart clipart can make any design or promotional material better. Small heart images give a subtle nod to the cute and tiny world where little is always better. Just look at these cute small heart images.

peach small heart

lady holds a heart

happy heart with rays

fancy small heart

glossy heart balloon

red heart with shadow

small layered heart

girl with heart balloon

abstract small heart

heart with butterfly

ti amo in a heart

wide peach heart

smiley heart clipart

dark pink heart in a square

cute tiny pink heart

small black heart outline

small heart with a shadow

cute tiny heart outline

two small hearts

small glossy pink heart

Fancy Heart

Scrolls, hand-drawn calligraphy style, and elegant flowing ribbon hearts create fancy heart clipart everyone can appreciate. Baby showers, wedding invitations, engagement announcements, and more.

Transparent fancy heart images in any color are beautiful, especially gold. Share these beautiful images using your creative graphic or printed materials for your project.

colorful fancy heart

pink valentine heart

yellow orange fancy heart

big and small hearts

pink cute fancy heart

red big and small hearts

black ornamental heart

big and small hearts blown away

black heart with roses

pink fancy heart

red fancy heart outline

two gray fancy hearts

two cute fancy hearts

small cute fancy heart

glossy fancy heart

a big and small fancy hearts

shiny hearts with flowers

flowers and butterflies heart

very cute fancy heart

colorful flowers heart

Heart Clipart and Heart Emojis

Share the Popular Vote

In a world full of emojis, would you be surprised that the simple red heart was number five in the topmost used emojis on Facebook? The heart emoji was the only non-face emoji in the top 10. In 2017, Mark Zuckerberg posted an infographic on Facebook that revealed some of the most popular emoji trends being used on the top social networking site in the world.

It may surprise some, but even with all the unicorn and smiling poop emoji products being sold, the heart emoji still ranks higher. Why? Because the heart is the universal image for love all over the world.

happy heart clipart

heart eyes and kiss

red heart face

love heart emoji

two emojis inlove

heart's beating fast

inlove emoji

heart kiss emoji

heart lip emoji

cute face with heart

heart eyes emoji

sick heart

pink heart face

happy emoji holding a heart

blushing emoji

happy face with heart lipstick

black heart eyes emoji

happy inloved

hear exercising

cute rabbit inlove

Four Tips to Making your Heart Clipart Design Better

Use More than One Piece of Clipart 

Per Design

When creating the big picture, use more than just a single piece of clipart or only one image. Make a more significant impact when designing your message, logo, digital or print material, flyer, or newsletter by using more than one image.

Use multiple pieces of clipart alongside the heart clipart or heart images you decide to use for your project. Go one step further in the design process to put together the perfect visual to get the most out of your hard work and finished product.

This may be more of a design tip, but it will make a positive impact on your final design.

Get the Best Version of the Clipart

You Want to Use

Have you ever searched for what seemed to be hours trying to find the perfect clipart or image to use only to find it’s too small to use? This happens to all of us. Get the best version of the heart clipart or heart image you need for your project. Don’t be fooled by what looks to be the proper file format only to discover your image isn’t transparent at all.

Look for .png or Vector image files before you download an unusable graphics or image. Check the size of the clipart or image to ensure you aren’t wasting your time with a tiny 25x25 pixel box that you would need a magnifying glass to see.

Keep in mind that you can always scale an image down in size, but you cannot scale an image greater than it’s original size without losing its resolution. When images are resized, they can appear grainy and lose their detail and resolution. If you have an idea of what your final size is for your entire project, it will help when searching through clipart for the perfect heart clipart or heart image.

Graphic Library offers the preview you need to determine if the clipart or image is the right fit.

Let Someone Review Your Creation

After you invested your time and attention into your graphic, let a friend or coworker spend a little bit of their time into reviewing the finished product. Before you share with others, you can benefit from having a fresh set of eyes look at your graphic.

Have them review your finished product for any spelling mistakes and offer their initial thoughts about what they see. Keeping an open mind about their critique can take a good design and make it a great design.

Other Alternatives to Impress With

Your Design

Heart clipart and heart images are just one component of your graphic design so keep that in mind. Text and copy are added for the information about the event or whatever wording is needed in your advertisement piece.

Heart stock photos are another element that can make your work stand out among all the others. Stock photos can provide you with the overall professional look when it comes to your design piece. Where can you find heart stock photos? Right here at Graphic Library! Look through our categories to discover a stock photo that you can display proudly in your creative work.

Don't Just Use Heart Clipart, Continue Reusing Heart Clipart

Create a Folder to Organize Your Clipart and Images

We can’t be the only ones guilty of downloading the same clipart or image over and over again. We know the feeling, “I’ll never need this heart clipart ever again.” A year later Valentines Day approaches, and it’s time to create a new graphics or message for the February holiday.

The worst part is when you can’t find the heart clipart that was the absolute best one for your project just a year ago. It’s only been a year, and now it’s nowhere to be found.

Create a folder or series of folders on your computer to organize your clipart or images. That way you have access to the right image year after year.

Having your own personal clipart library can also help give you ideas when creating your new digital or print media. You may see a previous piece of clipart that will complement the heart clipart or heart image for this project.


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