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303 Free Galaxy Background Images


It's no wonder that people use galaxy background images for their desktop images and screensavers. The vast galaxy is a thing of intrigue and beauty. It is one of the most preferred themes to be used as backgrounds for both device monitors and graphic pieces. In this website, we have collected for you some of the most visually pleasing photos of the galaxy. Feel free to download and use them however you like.

Finding the right image is where the idea you are trying to bring across starts to come to life. You need the photo with the right message. Scroll through the aesthetically pleasing images we've collected for you, and find one fit to be the star of your visual creation.

Types of Galaxy Background Images

Browse our Graphic Library to find the galaxy image or background that will illustrate your project perfectly. Each image tells a different story, you will surely find some that are perfect for your purpose in our extensive graphic library. Let your design come alive with these hand-picked galaxy images and backgrounds just waiting to be used to make the right visual impression on your creative masterpiece.

1) Colorful Galaxy Background

2) Vertical Galaxy Background

3) Star Gazing Galaxy Background

4) Horizontal Galaxy Background

Books Worth Reading:

Colorful Galaxy Images

This world is filled with wonderful and vibrant things. The galaxy is painted with several bright and lovely colors made even more attractive in contrast to the dark space. Have your pick at these breathtaking backgrounds and feast your eyes on these eye candies every time you turn on your screen.

colorful aurora background

beautiful aurora background

planets background

Books Worth Reading:

space background

blue galaxy 

Vertical Galaxy Images

Don't you just love opening your phone and being greeted with  a relaxing photo of stars and the moon? The galaxy is filled with bright and wonderful objects, now you can have them right in the palm  of your hands as a wallpaper. Choose what's best for you and enjoy having a part of the universe in your phone.

starry night idea

reaching for the stars

galaxy in the bottle

Books Worth Reading:

romantic galaxy images

girl under the moonlight

Star Gazing Galaxy Background Images

Enjoying a view of the lights from above and below at  the same time is enough to soothe even the wariest of souls. Take in these breathtaking sceneries brought by merging the beauty of the natural and man-made. 

silent night on a quiet town

under the night sky

Books Worth Reading:

galaxy background night drive

breathtaking nature

starlight and city lights

Horizontal Galaxy Background

Perfect for your desktop or laptop, these horizontal galaxy background images can serve as your home screen if you have the urge to look at the stars anytime in the day. These images can also be used as backgrounds for eye-opening or inspiring quotations.  Maybe take one for your facebook profile cover, the possibilities are endless!

view from the wilderness

Books Worth Reading:

over the field

greens and blues

galaxy images reflected

make a wish on the shooting star


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