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Freelancer PowerPoint Template for Sharing Tips and Advice

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If you were to ask any group of people what the most sought after type of career is, the number one answer would undoubtedly be working as a freelancer. It’s a lifestyle and the ability to work from anywhere and still make money makes freelancing a coveted way of life. Thanks to the invention of the internet, more companies are reaching out to freelancers than ever to accomplish tasks, enabling millions of people to work around the world. 

The laptop is the freelancer’s tool of the trade. And if you work from home, it’s inevitable you’ll have a cat somewhere nearby who won’t leave you alone and a cactus on your desk. Or maybe you don’t, but either way you slice it, this freelancer PowerPoint template is the perfect way to share important invaluable tips and advice about this amazing profession. You can be teaching others how to become a freelancer or sharing your own successes, allowing you to add data, graphs, charts, photos, and all sorts of information to your template. 

This blue-green template is easy on the eyes and has a freelancer at his desk on the left side of the slide is a perfect complement to your presentation. The image is a stereotypical look for a freelancer at home with a kitty sleeping on his desk and a pile of trash next to it full of bundled up paper. So, whether you’re creating a business or educational PowerPoint presentation on freelancing, this great and colorful design is perfect to suit your needs. 

Even though this is a template for freelancers, it can be used for a variety of other technology-based careers as well. Whether you’re in the information, computer, software, or even internet industries, this template will work for your presentation. Computers are now a regular part of our lives, whether at work or at play, so this image is a great way to reflect any number of activities. 

Features of Our Freelancer PowerPoint Template

  • Uniquely designed slides every teacher, student, and project manager can use easily and quickly.
  • Works with every version of Microsoft PowerPoint and is fully editable.
  • The layout is the industry-standard widescreen at 16:9
  • Our templates come in high-definition format, so you don’t have to worry about pixilated images. 
  • It can be used in a variety of business and educational settings. 
  • It allows you to easily insert images, flowcharts, graphs, and tables for your convenience.
  • This template can be downloaded directly to your computer for ease of use.
  • You can email this template as well as export it to PDF and JPG formats.


POWERPOINT TEMPLATE DESCRIPTION: Freelancer PowerPoint Template is a green template with a background image of freelancer at the desk that you can use to make an elegant and professional PPT presentation. This FREE PowerPoint template is perfect for business presentation about freelance jobs, freelance platforms, secrets of success in freelance business, etc. There is also a free Making Money Online PowerPoint Template that maybe can be the best background for your PowerPoint presentation. Find more similar templates here: Business PowerPoint Templates.

freelancer powerpoint template

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