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July 19

1000+ Free Birthday Meme to Rock that Friend’s Special Day


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You know what you need? A free birthday meme! Happy Birthday cards are a thing of the past. When you want to wish someone Happy Birthday you just call, text, or email your friend or family member your birthday wishes. It is very easy to get complacent in your birthday wishing skills. If you need a way to pick up the slack when it comes to telling someone Happy Birthday we have your back.

Choose a birthday meme from those listed below. Using a meme shows you made a little extra effort to make your wish more memorable. Stand out from your other friends in your friend circle by sending the funniest free Birthday meme. Pick the  meme that will get the biggest laughs and the most shares.

TV Characters and TV Shows

TV characters from popular TV shows are a great place to start for a Happy Birthday meme. Whether it’s a super funny scene that had everyone talking or just an image of the tv character, let the words do the work and provide the punchline.

Let Ron Swanson wish your friend a very “matter of fact” Happy Birthday with this line, “Happy age advancement day, I suppose congratulations are in order?”. Ron Burgandy keeps you laughing with his birthday message and “stay classy” tagline. Dwight Schrute would make any Office fan smile on their birthday by reminding them that today is not their birthday, “Today is the anniversary of your birthday.”

it is a scam

unless you're a banana

escaping your birthday

Books Worth Reading:

who cares, no one cares

why me, not me

you're just a bard

birth is a curse

don't forget me

Books Worth Reading:

steve harvey it is

that smile you give

today is your birthday?

facebook notifications


Books Worth Reading:


what a face

age advancement day

Movie Characters and Movies

Pick from your favorite movie or favorite movie star for the Happy Birthday meme you would like to send. Liam Nessen declares, “I will find you, and I will wish you a Happy Birthday.”. Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Patrick Swayze, are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and your friend's inbox on a Happy Birthday meme.

Classic movies allow you to relive some of the funny moments and one-liners from the film with a free birthday meme. Elf, Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, It, Captain America, and Pirates of the Caribbean just to name a few.

Grab a Harry Potter Happy Birthday meme for all of your wizard loving friends. Let Harry Potter say Happy Birthday or Voldermort make a snide remark about the fact that it’s someone’s birthday. You can choose from many of the popular cast members like Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Draco Malfoy, Professor Snape, Sirius Black, and more.

that piece of cake

Books Worth Reading:

harry potter fave muggle

a creepy smile you give

that face you make

I will find you

I wish you well

Books Worth Reading:

listen carefully

hey girl from captain america

happy birthday susan

have a wild birthday

a demand for a party

Books Worth Reading:

morgan freeman

one more time

the birthday cake

happy birthday to you

a birthday without a meme?

Books Worth Reading:

rock and roll

birthday party face down 

I won't see you

willie says

it's a celebration

Books Worth Reading:

it is willie great


born this day

ey monster

keep rockin'

Books Worth Reading:

Athletes and Sports

Share an athlete Happy Birthday meme using any superstar from almost any sport. MVP birthday greetings from Steph Curry. Olympic athletes are also a favorite to choose from incorporating medals in the meme. If you wanted to reward a birthday medal to a friend we have just the tool that you can use to create your own medal to send along with the Happy Birthday meme you choose. Soccer stars are popular choices with Ronaldo, Neymar, and Messi.

happy birthday yasmin

everyone knows it

with honey nut cheerios

happy birthday cupcake

Books Worth Reading:

a summer birthday

throwing a party

getting so old

another year closer

happy birthday from messi

Books Worth Reading:

nutmeg you

happy birthday from curry

curry celebrates

birthday girl

ronaldo wishes you a happy birthday

shadow of leo messi

shadow of football

Political and Presidential

Presidential Happy Birthday memes are pretty comical. Donald Trump is the overwhelming winner of most memes in history possibly. It may take you a while to pick just one Donald Trump Happy Birthday meme so why not download more than one to send. There are quite a few Obama Happy Birthday memes alongside Hillary Clinton. They are pretty funny to look back on from previous presidential election years.

happy birthday guy

fake news!

huuugest birthday wishes

happy to see you growing

present being trolled

him not you

you sexy thang

happy birthday from obama

gonna be great, gonna be huge

happy birthday victor

happy birthday roxy

birthday not a holiday

unless you are a mexican

happy birthday laura

Funny Happy Birthday Meme

Check out this category for a mixture of hilarious Happy Birthday memes. You may see the screaming goat, a person from a viral YouTube video, or recognizable baby from popular memes. Bob Ross is adding a happy little birthday over here while painting. Reserved for the comical references among pop culture these Happy Birthday memes are guaranteed to generate a good laugh and smile.

happy birthday bro

don't you dare

it's my cousin's birthday

happy birthday sister in law

awesome as your hair

wish you a happy birthday?

the face you make

in 3..2..1..

it is your age

a suit for your birthday

birthday spanking

it's not my fault

Animal Happy Birthday Meme

It’s almost impossible to scroll past animal videos or photos when surfing the web. The samecan be said when it comes to Animal Happy Birthday memes. Lions, tigers, and sloths, oh my. Grumpy cat can say a lot with that grumpy face, including, “Happy Birthday, now you’re one year closer to dying.”. Llamas, monkeys, dogs, owls, elephants, cats, horses and hamsters are all in on the act of spreading Happy Birthday wishes through memes.

you don't look so baaaaaa'd

it's your birthday

when people sing to you

only for the cake

happy birthday from a horse

this is how I feel

one year closer to death

there is no such thing

you old goat

so this is how I do it

I ate him

sad and boring birthday

let me guess...

spoil yourself

shocked husky

so I got it llamanated

Create Your Own Happy Birthday Meme

Selecting the right Happy Birthday meme is similar to standing and browsing through the rows and rows of birthday cards. There are a lot of really good and hilarious memes that would work. But sometimes your idea can be the meme that tops them all. The best meme could be the inside joke you have with the birthday boy or girl. It could also be a shared interest that you choose to share through a Happy Birthday meme.

Select an image that you feel best describes or shares your birthday message to your friend or family member. Next, create the funny or witty caption that will have them laughing the second they read it. Another super cool feature of creating your own Happy Birthday meme that is quite impressive when you share the custom birthday meme with your friend is the personalization of the meme. Add your friend’s or family member’s name to your funny birthday message and leave them speechless. This shows that you went the extra mile in selecting this year’s Happy Birthday meme. And the best part, you will probably be the recipient of a hilarious Happy Birthday meme when your birthday rolls around next.


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