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678 Free Easter Clipart and Images To Prepare for the Holiday


Searching for Easter Clipart or Easter Transparent Images doesn’t have to be as tricky as an egg hunt in search of the golden egg. Graphic Library has all the Easter Clipart you need to prepare for this holiday. Whether you are working on a church bulletin, church announcement, preparing a social media post to schedule on Easter, or want to advertise a community-wide Easter Egg Hunt we have you covered.

Types of Easter Clipart and Easter Images

We have several different categories for you to choose from, and they are listed below.

1) Easter Religious Clipart
2) Easter Transparent Clipart
3) Easter Cute Clipart
4) Easter Printable Clipart
5) Easter Border Clipart
6) Easter Bunny Clipart
7) Easter Kids Clipart
8) Easter Cross Clipart
9) Easter Egg Clipart
10) Easter Chick Clipart
11) Easter Cartoon Clipart
12) Easter Basket Clipart

Easter Religious Clipart

He is Risen clipart, and He is Risen images are some of the most sought after when it comes to Easter religious clipart. The celebration of Easter Sunday wouldn’t be complete without these images. Easter Sunday clipart and Easter Sunday images along with Good Friday are also very popular. A lot of these images are perfect for designing your church bulletin or church news and events page online. Easter religious transparent images are also used for advertising in the newspaper and on Facebook.

the cross and the tomb

black and white angel clipart

Christ the Lord is risen today

a cross and a sun

Books Worth Reading:

open tomb easter clipart

Christ is risen clipart

He is risen with a cross

an angel of God

Christ is risen on clouds and rays of light

Books Worth Reading:

shocked by an empty tomb

alleluia clipart

three crosses clipart

blue cross clipart

He is risen on a sun

Books Worth Reading:

He is risen with an empty tomb

happy easter with a cross

He has risen clipart

Christ is risen with a cross

He is risen sunrise clipart

Books Worth Reading:

cross with lilies and rays of light

Easter Transparent Clipart

Are you designing a promotional piece for print or digital media for Easter? If you are, then you are going to need Easter transparent clipart or Easter transparent images. This makes your main image visible while transforming your background color to make it transparent. Using a transparent image gives you the ability to place your image on top of any colored background giving it the appearance that it is all one image. It’s how the professional designers do it.

Easter transparent clipart includes crosses, crosses with lilies, Easter baskets, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Happy Easter graphics, Easter eggs in grass, and Easter chicks.

transparent easter altar

cute happy easter clipart

happy easter with a chick

easter bunny juggling

Books Worth Reading:

happy easter open egg

easter island clipart

yellow cracked easter egg

green happy easter

eggs on grass

Books Worth Reading:

easter spirit is here

cute easter eggs on a plant

easter candies clipart

happy easter clipart

easter egg hunt

Books Worth Reading:

happy easter happy bunny

eggs in a basket with a chick

a bunny and a chick

happy easter with cute bunny candies

three cute bunnies

Books Worth Reading:

bunny's carrots and eggs

Easter Cute Clipart

Searching specifically for a particular style of Easter clipart is smart. When you know what type of design you want to create, then you know exactly what kind of Easter images you are looking for. Easter cute clipart and Easter cute images may be one of those cute styles you are wanting to create. A lot of Easter cute clipart come in bundles of more than one image. You may have multiple sets of images within that style. Cute Easter bunnies, cute Easter eggs, cute little animals like chicks and lambs, are often used.

pink small bunny

bunny with its basket of eggs

cute yellow bunny head

blue and pink bunny heads

Books Worth Reading:

cute march text

girl wearing a bunny headband

cute easter candies and chocolate

cute little sheep clipart

little sheep under the clouds

Books Worth Reading:

cute little chick 

two cute bunnies

easter bunny and pastel easter eggs

bunny with a purple ribbon

a bunny, a chick and a basket full of eggs

Books Worth Reading:

cute easter clipart

easter with a cross

bunny in a cracked egg

flower design easter egg

peach happy easter signage

cute bunny in a circle

Easter Printable Clipart

One of the things that makes Easter, so fun is all the fun projects for kids to do regarding Easter. Dying Easter eggs, egg hunts, and Easter crafts make for a fun weekend. Get your Easter printable clipart and Easter printable images for your fun crafts and projects. Use these to print out on card stock or a thicker paper that you can fold into egg holders for your dyed Easter eggs. Print out Easter eggs that you can use for coloring sheets for your kids, classroom, or Sunday school class. Easter printable transparent images are also great for decorating your house to get you ready for the Easter festivities.

sad bunny with two easter eggs

happy easter printable

bunny's orange ear

a printable open tomb

a man in bunny costume

easter egg printable

pink happy easter poster

happy easter two bunny heads

yellow easter egg

green happy easter poster

bunny outline printable

three easter eggs printable

basket full of eggs of the chicks

playing with easter eggs

basket full of eggs printable

fancy happy easter clipart

purple happy easter

yellow happy easter poster

bunny and egg printable

girl found a basket full of eggs

Easter Border Clipart

Make your design, announcement, flyer, or graphic pop with Easter border clipart or Easter border images. Depending on the background of your graphic you may be able to use free Easter border images with a white background. If you are planning on placing the Easter border clipart on top of a different color background make sure you grab the Easter border transparent clipart. Easter border clipart has Easter eggs arranged all the way around the border providing a cute frame to work with. The styles and colors are different from the soft pastel Easter colors to bright, bold colors that are bold.

violet and indigo border

cute border with two eggs

green happy easter border

hand-drawn egg border

chalkboard clipart

cute easter border

easter eggs landscape border

yellow happy easter border

beautiful egg-shaped border

pastel easter eggs border

flower designed eggs border

colorful eggs border

easter bunny border

big colorful eggs border

jelly bean-like eggs

border with a pink flower

eggs circle border

golden eggs border

easter circle border

eggs and lines border

Easter Bunny Clipart

The Easter Bunny may not be as famous as Santa Claus but come Easter Sunday he is the most famous bunny in town. Do you need to include the Easter Bunny into your design or print project? There are many different types and colors to choose from. Showcase the Easter Bunny with a single egg, many eggs, or even painting an egg. There are a lot of adorable Easter Bunny clipart images of the Easter Bunny with an Easter basket. The Easter Bunny can be seen swinging the Easter basket or even holding the Easter basket. Pick your style of Easter Bunny transparent images showing his ears pointing straight up, folded over, or one ear straight up and the other folded over.

cute bunny head

blue easter bunny

cute yellow brown bunny

pink brown bunny

colorful easter bunny juggling

bunny swinging a basket full of eggs

white bunny clipart

happy easter bunny

bunny eating a chocolate

easter bunny candy

bunny holding a basket and an egg

easter bunny with a shirt

raining with easter eggs

too many eggs for a bunny

bunny painting an easter egg

crazy easter bunny

easter bunny saw a butterfly

easter bunny and a girl

fat easter bunny clipart

came out from an easter egg

Easter Kids Clipart

Prepare your Easter announcement using Easter kids clipart and Easter kids images. Easter kids clipart show kids holding Easter eggs, Easter baskets, decorating Easter eggs and working on Easter crafts. Easter kids images that could be super cute for design are the ones with kids wearing bunny ears or dressed as a bunny. Easter kids clipart can be perfect for designing a flyer, print or digital graphic promoting an Easter egg hunt.

boy with a basket at the field

boy and girl painting eggs

embracing a basket full of eggs

embracing an easter egg

four kids wearing costumes

kids preparing for easter day

siblings ready for easter

kids painting eggs

boy holding a basket of eggs

march clipart with kids

boy easter hunting

embracing a pink easter egg

easter kids and easter bunnies

girl with a basket at the field

happy easter says a girl

boy found an easter egg

easter vintage clipart

kids excited for easter hunt

a boy at the field

cute little girl clipart

Easter Cross Clipart

Pick your preference of Easter cross clipart for your design below. There are many Easter cross images to choose from. Easter cross with lilies, cross with purple cloth, cross with flowers and grass, wooden cross, colorful Easter cross, and black and white Easter cross are some of the options. You can find some of these Easter cross images in the Easter religious clipart section as well.

cross with a sun and lilies

cross with easter eggs

side view of a cross

light purple cross and lilies

wooden cross and the thorny crown

a sun with a cross

plain brown cross

cross made of flowers

cross with yellow and pink flowers

white flowers behind a cross

cross with gems clipart

cross painted with flowers

cross and egg painting

thin painted with flowers

thick wooden cross

cute easter cross

cross made of yellow flowers

hand-drawn cross clipart

shiny cross with pink flowers

cross on mountains

Easter Egg Clipart

When preparing your Easter graphic make sure you select the Easter egg clipart or Easter egg images that compliment your design. Decorated Easter egg images are synonymous with Easter. There are so many new and creative ways to decorate Easter eggs each and every year. Food coloring was pretty much the only option only years ago. Easter egg clipart and Easter egg transparent images provide you with a few choices to pick the right image. There are single Easter eggs, many Easter eggs, eggs in baskets, and even some that you can decorate yourself by painting your own choice of colors onto the image.

polka dots blue egg

yellow polka dots egg

four eggs  with bunny design

music from a cracked egg

bunny on an easter egg

bunny easter egg

four eggs on grass

eggs hidden on the field

three eggs under the flowers

egg with a ribbon

family of pink and purple

eggs with faces circling

polka dots egg with ribbon

eggs on the grass

family of blue and green

yellow egg with flowers

painted eggs clipart

three plain eggs

red easter egg

golden egg with a ribbon

Easter Chick Clipart

Baby chickens that hatch close to Easter are sometimes surprise Easter gifts on Easter morning for some kids. Easter chick clipart and Easter chick images are often used for Easter designs and graphics. Easter chick clipart consists of Easter chicks by themselves, Easter chicks with eggs, or Easter chicks with flowers. Easter chicks show a lot of happiness and work well alongside other Easter images you may be using on your design or graphic.

yellow chick clipart

chick facing on the right

cute happy chick clipart

chick has big eyes

chicks with accessories

cute chick clipart

fat chick at the field

cracked egg on the head

a chick posing clipart

beautiful chick at the field

fat chick holding a basket

an embroidered chick

easter egg behind the chick

chick in the cracked egg

chick with two tall flowers

chick picking up flowers

too many eggs for a chick

easter chick and egg

chick carrying an easter egg

hand-drawn chick

Easter Cartoon Clipart

The famous Bugs Bunny takes a side seat to the Easter Bunny for Easter holiday. Cartoon versions of the Easter Bunny are very popular among searches for Easter clipart. Easter cartoon clipart and Easter cartoon images of the Easter bunny showcase more detail of the Easter bunny and show off more personality and liveliness. Colored in bright colors and positioned in action poses it’s easy to see why a lot of people would want to add such a fun loving image to their graphic or design. Other Easter cartoon clipart includes chicks, bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Happy Easter images, and more.

chicks ready for easter

bunny on a swing

basket full of easter eggs

bugs bunny with a carrot

snoopy with easter eggs

tweety bird and sylvester

bugs bunny painting himself

chick painting an egg

winnie the pooh and friends

bunnies and eggs for easter

riding on a cracked egg

a big easter egg

cute and colorful easter

happy jumping bunny

a bunny walking away

cute bunny cartoon

tiger easter hunting

minnie has easter eggs

dalmation dog clipart

mickey and minnie clipart

Easter Basket Clipart

Most kids who celebrate Easter are given an Easter basket each Easter Sunday. Some use the same one every year and hope to fill the basket with Easter eggs filled with candy and toys. Easter basket clipart and Easter basket images can be the centerpiece of any Easter design or graphic. An Easter basket transparent image can also accent any graphic or design. There are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting your Easter basket clipart. Easter basket clipart that shows an Easter basket full of Easter eggs and candy or Easter baskets with decorated eggs and pretty bows. Some Easter basket images even reveal the grass that goes inside most Easter baskets.

basket with flowers on the handle

three eggs in the basket

cute yellow easter basket 

cute pink easter basket 

basket of eggs and bunny candy

easter bunny's basket

green basket with blue ribbon

pastel colored eggs in a basket

shiny plain eggs

plain basket for cute eggs

dark brown basket

basket of three easter eggs

two baskets for easter bunny

cute basket and eggs

cute happy easter basket

basket in a circle

basket with eggs and flowers

chicks carrying easter basket

eggs with grass in a basket

basket full of easter eggs

You Have Your Easter Clipart, Now Get Creating!

When creating the big picture, use more than just a single piece of clipart or only one image. Make a more significant impact when designing your message, logo, digital or print material, flyer, or newsletter by using more than one image.

Use multiple pieces of clipart alongside the Easter clipart or Easter images you decide to use for your project. Go one step further in the design process to put together the perfect visual to get the most out of your hard work and finished product.

This may be more of a design tip, but it will make a positive impact on your final design.

What’s Great About Clipart?

Everyone has fond childhood memories of clipart, but you probably never learned all the ways that it works wonders. Not only is it a popular decoration because, well, it’s adorable, but it also doesn’t take up too much storage space.

This means that you can decorate your site without worrying that people are going to get bored because it loads too slowly!

Clipart can also be stored in a lot of ways. Because it’s a Bitmap or Vector image file, it’s super easy to put it into various types of media. You can usually drag and drop the clip art directly from the search bar and into graphics. If — and this is a big if — it ever requires any work with code at all, it will be effortless and won’t take much time.

Get the Best Version of the Clipart You Want to Use

Have you ever searched for what seemed to be hours trying to find the perfect clipart or image to use only to find it’s too small to use? This happens to all of us. Get the best version of the Easter clipart or Easter image you need for your project. Don’t be fooled by what looks to be the proper file format only to discover your image isn’t transparent at all.

Look for .png or Vector image files before you download an unusable graphic or image. Check the size of the clipart or image to ensure you aren’t wasting your time with a tiny 25x25 pixel box that you would need a magnifying glass to see.

Keep in mind that you can always scale an image down in size, but you cannot scale an image greater than its original size without losing its resolution. When images are resized, they can appear grainy and lose their detail and resolution. If you have an idea of what your final size is for your entire project, it will help when searching through clipart for the perfect Easter clipart or Easter image.

Graphic Library offers the preview you need to determine if the clipart or image is the right fit.

Other Alternatives to Impress With Your Design

Easter clipart and Easter images are just one component of your graphic design so keep that in mind. Text and copy are added for the information about the event or whatever wording is needed in your advertisement piece.

Easter stock photos are another element that can make your work stand out among all the others. Stock photos can provide you with the overall professional look when it comes to your design piece. Where can you find Easter stock photos? Right here at Graphic Library! Look through our categories to discover a stock photo that you can display proudly in your creative work.

Create a Folder to Organize Your Clipart and Images

We can’t be the only ones guilty of downloading the same clipart or image over and over again. We know the feeling, “I’ll never need this Easter clipart ever again.” A year after a holiday or specific event approaches and it’s time to create a new graphic or message.

The worst part is when you can’t find the Easter clipart that was the absolute best one for your project just a year ago. It’s only been a year, and now it’s nowhere to be found.

Create a folder or series of folders on your computer to organize your clipart or images. That way you have access to the right image year after year.

Having your own personal clipart library can also help give you ideas when creating your new digital or print media. You may see a previous piece of clipart that will complement the arrow clipart or arrow image for this project.


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