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Drive more traffic to your wordpress website with a social locker plugin


The traffic of a website is it its most important aspect. The traffic volume and quality, determines your monthly earnings, self promotion of the website by your visitors on social networks and forums, and also your wordpress website popularity.

Webmasters are looking every day for new methods to increase and improve traffic volume, and a very good and efficient method, it’s to use a social locker plugin to lock your quality content (i.e Download link), and reveal it after your visitors like it, share it, or tweet it on their profile.

So, if you own a wordpress website, and have quality content on it (such as freebies, free psd’s, free html templates  and so on), then it’s super easy to increase your traffic with such a plugin.  Social networks are very good for SEO and promoting your website,  because search engines loves them. And to add more to the cake, users interact on social networks one with each other, making very possible that a friend of your visitor who has shared/liked one of your pages, to be interested in the same resource and visit your page.

Ok…I’m convinced…what social locker plugin should I use?

In my opinion the best and most popular plugin out there is One Press Social Locker.


Main advantages on why you should use this social locker plugin instead of others:

-You can add URL for Like, Tweet,+1

-It is seo friendly, and all the locked content can be seen by search engine crawlers

-It has an analytics tool built in, so you can track any likes, share, tweets.

-You can create multiple lockers and assign styles to each other

-Users who already liked/tweet your content are remembered (via cookies and local storage)

Books Worth Reading:

-Compatible with all major browsers

-You can lock any type of content: video, audio, post, download link, image etc.

-If that’s not enough, it has a premium version crafted with many features

How to install it to wordpress and use it?

Go to the download page here , or search OnePress Social Locker inside your wordpress administration area -> plugins section, upload and activate the plugin. After activation on the left menu from wordpress will appear Social Locker. You can customize lockers and other settings from there.

In order to use it, go to editor area and wrap any content you want to hide between this tags [ sociallocker]Your valuable content here…[ /sociallocker]

Books Worth Reading:


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