March 20

Back to School PowerPoint Template for Educational Presentations

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Our Back to School PowerPoint Template is a perfect combination of school elegant background. This FREE educational PowerPoint template is perfect for presentations students and teachers. Find more similar templates here: Educational.

Starting the new year off right is the goal of every educator. Using this elegant Back-to-School PowerPoint template is the perfect way to introduce yourself to your students while putting together a professional presentation that outlines the year to come. This template has a green chalkboard in the background and a teacher’s desk, books, and an apple as the stereotypical classroom setting. 

Teachers and students alike can use this Back to School PowerPoint template for any type of educational presentation. Teachers can introduce themselves and the year’s curriculum to students and parents. This has more than first-time introduction use as well. It can be part of a weekly and/or monthly planner and a way to reveal new study plans and daily homework assignments. Students can use it for various projects, reports, presentations, and more. 

The design is cartoonish, so it’s laid back and youthful, making it appealing for school use and setting the stage for expectations without being overbearing. Using white text will simulate words written on a chalkboard. This template is customizable with fonts that mimic the appearance of chalk on a chalkboard, which would be a perfect complement to this design. 

Perhaps the best part of this Back to School PowerPoint template is how customizable it is to suit your every need. You can insert diagrams, graphs, maps, infographics, charts, and more. Whatever your presentation needs, this template has you covered. Infographics are often the best way for your audience to see the data you wish to present to them. Having a background like this makes the information much more appeal, allowing them to pay better attention.

Features of Our Free Back to School PowerPoint Template

  • Unique educational slides every teacher and student can use easily.
  • Works with every version of Microsoft PowerPoint and is fully editable.
  • The layout is the industry-standard widescreen at 16:9
  • Our templates come in high-definition format, so you don’t have to worry about pixelated images. 
  • It can be used in a variety of business and educational settings. 
  • It allows you to easily insert images, flowcharts, graphs, and tables.
  • This template can be downloaded directly to your computer for ease of use.
  • You can email this template as well as export it to PDF and JPG formats.

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