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129 Free Apple Clipart


Apple clipart has so many great uses. From presents for teachers to symbols of health and beyond, these images are sure to make all of your designs crisp!

Apples have been used as both the main subject or a complementing piece to several artworks  and graphic designs. It is not only pleasing to the taste, but for the sight as well. Its bright colors range from varying shades and mixtures of yellow, green, and red never fails to be a crowd-pleaser.

Finding the right image is where the idea you are trying to bring across starts to come to life. You need the photo with the right message. Scroll through the aesthetically pleasing images we've collected for you, and find one fit to be the star of your visual creation.

Types of Apple Clipart & Images

Browse our Graphic Library to find the apple image or clipart that will illustrate your project perfectly. Each image tells a different story, you will surely find some that are perfect for your purpose in our extensive graphic library. Let your design come alive with these hand-picked apple images and cliparts just waiting to be used to make the right visual impression on your creative masterpiece.

1) Green Apple Clipart

2) Single Apple Clipart

3) Flat Lay Apple Clipart

4) Apple Tree Clipart

Books Worth Reading:

Green Apple Clipart

Green is the most refreshing of colors. A complementing contrast to the red which is the most frequently used color to represent apples. Add a bit of green to your work with these images.

green apple clipart

a bunch of greens

the healthy option

smoothies are goodies

Books Worth Reading:

aesthetic arrangement

Single Apple Images

Having a single apple in the shot gives an clean and minimalist impression, this is the perfect type of graphics to use in blogs. It provides a pleasing visual that doesn't distract the readers. Single apple photos are also great for cropping if you only have to add one apple to your existing graphic set up.

heart carved apple

an apple for the teacher's desk

minimalistic piece

keeps the doctor away

Books Worth Reading:

sliced apple

Flat Lay Apple Images

Flay laying is an art form in itself, creating artistically pleasing photos through a controlled set up of several objects arranged on a flat surface. Here we have compiled the best flat laying photos that features apples. Add these to your collection now to use in your future projects.

sliced delights apple clipart

three for i love  you

shining and splendid

Books Worth Reading:

freshly picked apples

apple cider served

Apple Tree Clipart

There's just something that pulls people towards photos of apple trees. The freshness such images bring is unparalleled. The sight of one makes you mouth water, does it not? Use these images to get your viewers' attention!

hanging from branches

trees in the distance

Books Worth Reading:

morning dew apple

ready for picking

orchard's best bounty


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