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30+ Free Tools Every WordPress Developer Should Know


WordPress is a quite popular environment for different website builders. This is only because it comes with a collection of tools for the beginners with no technical skills.

WordPress dominates about 27.5% of the top 10 million websites.

Moreover, if there are loads of free tools in the market with same performance than the paid ones, why not go for it?

In this blog, I have brought you the 30+ free WordPress tools to make your site get through the best.

So, let’s get started with the list:

1. Pingdom

It is a free service tool that monitors the growth of your website and business. Along with this, it also checks the uptime and speed of the website


2. WordPress Site Manager

If you are running multiple WordPress sites, constantly logging in and out can be restless. This tool is from chrome web store that stores direct access to your main website pages.

Books Worth Reading:

WordPress Site Manager

3. Sublime Text Editor

It is cross platform text editor which support many programming languages, lets you customize it for the need of your development style. Adding to this- you can infuse plugins for code auto-completion and adding other language support.


4. Theme Check

Books Worth Reading:

It is a very popular plugin to manage websites engaged in developing custom themes. It checks the themes whether they meet the needs of the Theme Review Standards by WordPress.
5. Google Maps WD

It is a very responsive plugin from Google that allows the user to showcase any categorized location with unique layers, overlays, and markers. It includes language support for Google Map, unlimited maps for post and pages.

Google Maps

6. Hybrid Core

It is 100% free and open source framework. It is useful to launch framework to easily get control over the design and build themes using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Books Worth Reading:

7. WP Smush

Large image files may slow down your site. You can use WP Smush to cut down large images to a single image removing all unnecessary data. They can be used to optimize all images across your network.

8. Yoast SEO

This is a free WordPress plugin. It helps to write better content for the website and also make sure that you use keywords everywhere. Basically, it is useful for website optimization!


Books Worth Reading:

9. Synchi

It is a WordPress plugin that offers syntax highlighting, auto-completion and other powerful development features in the backend. It also helps as a WordPress text editor.
10. GenerateWP

Generate WP is a popular tool used by developers to generate different sidebars, taxonomies, shortcuts, widgets and custom post types.
11. SumoMe

This plugin is basically useful for internet marketers who wish to grow their email list. They include content reading, social sharing, pop-ups, hello bar and much more.


Books Worth Reading:

12. MySQL Workbench

For a WordPress developer, understanding MySQL tables to manage the underlying database is a must. The main aim of this tool is to provide the database design and modeling.

MySQL Workbench


It is free server resource that is part of AMPP. AMPP stands for Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. As it is easy to configure, it gains full control over the webserver+ database with just a single command.
14. Asana

Books Worth Reading:

It is the project management tool which keeps a track of project work among the team members. You can assign the task and get quick updates in the comment section.


15. Shake

The Shake’s free plans help you bind the legal agreements from any device using their starter forms. It helps on the legal side of your business.


Books Worth Reading:

16. Developer

This is a free resource plugin by Automattic. The main purpose of this plugin to help you optimize the best tools for theme and plugin creation.


17. RTL Tester

While developing WordPress themes and plugins we have to take worry of the right to left languages. It requires adding RTL stylesheet and enqueueing them into your themes.
18. Bedrock

Books Worth Reading:

This tool offers WordPress putting it in his own directory in such a way that you can organize WordPress project better, improve configuration files and manage plugins with composer. It provides security and project management dependency.


19. Fontello

They come almost free to every user which helps you find icons from font icon library. By use of this tool, you can easily add icons of your choice.
20. WordPress Codex

It is a documentary resource sharing information about WordPress development. It comes with valuable references for WordPress plugin development and guides through it.

Books Worth Reading:


21. Theme Unit Test

This plugin is particularly useful for creating a WordPress theme testing environment. It creates a list of circumstances to test with different images, sizes, and post types.

22. iThemes Security

This is a must have plugin to secure and protect your site from automated attacks. They lock down your WordPress site and ensure the security of user credentials.

Books Worth Reading:

iThemes Security

23. Dropbox

Dropbox is a home of all your images, videos, doc files, and many other file formats. Add your content to Dropbox folders, once installed and then you can access it from anywhere.

24. WP Forms

This is an open source drag and drop plugin that is 100% mobile friendly and responsive. WP Forms is the best WordPress contact form plugin.

Books Worth Reading:

WP Forms
25. Monster Insights

It is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It connects your site with Google Analytics which helps us to know regarding the number of visitors and what do they do on your website.

26. After the Deadline

It is an open source tool that takes care of the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It monitors the post of your style which improves the readability of the content.
27. Gantry

If you feel to create something versatile and effective you can use this framework. It comes under GPL license and is open source, lightweight, mega menu support and much more.
28. Evernote

It is a cloud productivity tool and a digital notebook that allows you to store various types of content. You can create notes; add images and other documents to it.


29. Form Maker

This a free WordPress plugin used for building multiple complex forms. Form Maker allows you to change color, font, and size with easy drag and drop method.

Form Maker30. Google Apps

Google application tools like slides, sheets, and docs are very helpful for data storage and presentation. Adding complete G suite provides a wider range of business solutions.

Google Apps

31. Uilang

It helps in building custom components and prototypes for creating an attractive UI. Basically, it is a UI focused programming language service that adds interactive elements to your site.


Closing Note

In this post, I have mentioned a list of some prominent free tools which play a key role in WordPress Development.
Try some of these tools and let me know your experience in the comment section below.
Keep pace with us and enjoy easy coding for WordPress development 

About the Author:

Anil Parmar is the co-founder of Glorywebs, a custom wordpress web development company aiming to help clients with services like web design, digital marketing and more. Themes & plugins we develop have a common # 1 goal: Keep it as simple as possible for technical as well as non-tech geeks. Find him on Twitter @abparmar99 & say Hi!


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