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  • 8 must have plugins to improve SEO of your wordpress website

    8 must have plugins to improve SEO of your wordpress website

    There are many plugins which do the on-page SEO job. Among all of the SEO plugins, here are 8 must have plugins to improve SEO of your website. WordPress SEO by Yoast   Most recommended plugin to use on WordPress website. After you install WordPress, you should install this plugin right away because no matter what […]

  • Tips to keep your WordPress website secure

    Tips to keep your WordPress website secure

    WordPress websites are more secured than usual websites but still, yet hackers can find a way to hack it. WordPress does not fight against brute force attack which means multiple retries of login is acceptable in WordPress by default, and that’s a big weak point. However, there is a way you can keep your WordPress […]

  • Tips to bring customers to your WordPress ecommerce website

    Tips to bring customers to your WordPress ecommerce website

    WordPress has made building ecommerce website easier. Anyone can easily set up an ecommerce website and then add products with help of WordPress and its plugins. Starting an online business is easy but gaining customers is hard. You will need to make your website ready to receive traffic and then from the total traffic, there […]

  • Important tips for WordPress beginners

    WordPress is a big deep sea. There are a lot of things you can do using this super content management system. To beautify a website, there are many beautiful themes. You can create custom theme too. Plugins are for making a website more functional. You want to do something with your WordPress website which is […]

  • Easy tips to speed up your WordPress website

    Many site owners complain that their WordPress website is slow. For many reasons, WordPress website can load slowly. Avoiding some bad habits can make your website load faster. What you should avoid to do with your website and what you should do are described below. Choose a good host for your WordPress site The first […]

  • Tips to choose the best responsive theme for your WordPress website

    People nowadays use their mobile phone a lot to surf websites. According to statistic, within 2017, more than 69% of the population will use mobile phone and more than 39% among theme will use Smartphone. Now, who  would like to miss impressing this big amount of people? Impressing people when they are visiting your website, it is […]

  • How to create stunning PSD Templates in Photoshop?

    How to create stunning PSD Templates in Photoshop?

    Have you ever dreamed about creating pixel perfect PSD templates with Photoshop? Have you looked around the web and found some very beautiful templates and you told yourself: “Man, I wish I could create such beautiful designs one day!“. Well with a little determination and time to invest, anyone can do it. There is no […]

  • Useful ways to get a dribbble invite

    If you’re just in the prospect stage on dribbble and you are looking to increase your chances of getting a dribbble invite, here’s how you can do it. Search on twitter for “dribbble invites” or “dribbble giveaway” – many designers are giving away invites – in most cases they ask for a link to your portfolio. […]

  • 2 Responsive Basic WooCommerce Themes to help you get started developing

    Hi everyone. Are you a wordpress developer, and looking to develop responsive ecommerce wordpress themes,but you have no clue where and how to start? Don’t panic, you are already on the right path. Tip: For those of you who don’t know what woocommerce is: it is a wordpress toolkit, that can easily help you transform […]

  • How to display WordPress Category Without the link

    By default the wordpress function get_the_category() outputs the category with a link, which is a good thing in most cases. But there comes a time, when you need to output only the category name, without the url. Here’s how you can do it: [php] <?php $category = get_the_category(); echo $category[0]->cat_name;?> [/php] Good luck.