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  • 6 Impressive WordPress Themes in 2016

    Do you think about best creative WordPress themes? Then this write-up is best for you. There are numerous WP Themes available on the Web designers’ market.  It can be difficult to pinpoint the optimum one – especially when people’s needs and business demands are constantly evolving. Besides, technology continues to develop, creating additional themes which […]

  • Collection of Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2014 Premium Like

    WordPress is the most popular CMS there is out there. Every day thousands of designers and people across the globe, decide to switch to the most popular blogging platform, which is WordPress of course. With such a big mass of people using it, there are also thousands of free wordpress themes created every day by […]

  • The Hero is live.

    Howdy everyone. We know how much you love the biggest CMS out there which is wordpress of course. What were you thinking? 🙂 So, in order for you to tune up your wordpress website, we launched GraphicXtreme. Here you can find wordpress themes developed with love, easy to use, clean, simple and with powerful admin […]