Graphic Xtreme offers different types of license agreements and the one selected at the time of purchase applies to Licensee’s use of the Licensed Asset.

This License Agreement states the terms and conditions of Licensee’s non-exclusive and limited copyright license with respect to the digital content (“Licensed Asset”) made available on and purchased by Licensee. The Licensed Asset item number will be emailed to you at the account email address Graphic Xtreme has on file along with a link to this License Agreement; retain this for your records. This License Agreement may also apply to digital content that Graphic Xtreme makes available at no charge (e.g., for promotional purposes) only if expressly indicated during the initial download for that digital content.

Standard License

Any mockup purchased under the Standard License shall not be used in any way to derive a potential monetary revenue. The Standard License only permits you to use the purchased mockup for personal use.

What is personal use?

By personal use, we mean, using the mockup for your sole benefit, for e.x, portfolio purposes on different creative platforms such as Behance, Dribbble or showcasing your artwork on your website.

Commercial License

This license covers any use that is conducted towards a third-party such as clients work or promotional use.

A mockup purchased under a commercial use allows you to use the item for contracted work or client’s work.

Extended License

Unlike the standard and commercial license, the Extended License is the only license that permits any sort of redistribution, sale or giveaway. Any mockup purchased under the extended license can be used in any potential monetary gain. For e.x, you have an online clothing shop, you can use the purchased Tshirt mockup on your store.

Don’t hesitate to contact at if you have any question about our license terms.

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